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Canary Islands: A Flockin' Good Time

<<< Sep 3 (Sun)

- Finally made it to Tenerife South (TFS) at 2 AM and picked up our rental car.

- Drove to the Playa del Duque area and watched the WhatsApp video that explained how to navigate the maze to our place.

- Pretty beat down after a long journey we were glad to finally be able to lay down in bed.

- Woke up 5 hours later to head to Siam Water Park. We had hoped to be able to rest for at least a day or so, but cancelled flights accelerated our plans.

- Bought the fast pass for Siam Park and put our stuff in the locker. Waited in line with everyone for the rides to open.

- The first ride we went on was a good one to help wake us up. Water splashing in our faces, backs, while simulatenously giving Chris whiplash.

- Went on some more of the slides, all of which required sliding down on an inflatable tube or raft.

- Stopped for lunch near the wave pool beach.

- Went rafting down the lazy river which was great. It had a waterfall and a thrilling part that we hadn't expected on a lazy river.

- After that we went to the enormous wave pool that has the world's largest artificial wave. It was fun to watch the wave approach, and listen to the excitement of children and adults before the wave smacked into them and carried them quite far backwards.

- Parked at the top of the large hill, bought some groceries. Went home and relaxed.

- Walked along the promenade, slowly descending into tourist hell. It was very nice at first. And then the menus got larger. And the guys selling fake purses started to appear. And the sound of terrible karaoke swirled in the air.

- Went for tapas at Picamar Tapas bistro. Tried to go for gelato but it was closed.


Tenerife South (TFS), the gateway to paradise, welcomed us with open arms at the stroke of 2 AM. We swiftly acquired our rental car, eager to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Our destination: the enchanting Playa del Duque area. As we settled into our accommodations, a WhatsApp video guided us through the labyrinthine paths that led to our abode.

Exhausted from our arduous voyage, we gratefully surrendered to the embrace of our beds, finding solace in the knowledge that we had finally arrived.

The sun’s gentle rays awakened us after a mere five hours of slumber, beckoning us to Siam Water Park. Although we had hoped for a day of respite, unforeseen flight cancellations accelerated our plans.

Armed with fast passes and excitement coursing through our veins, we stowed our belongings in a secure locker and joined the eager crowd awaiting the park’s opening.

Our first ride proved to be an invigorating experience, as water playfully caressed our faces and backs while simultaneously subjecting Chris to an unexpected bout of whiplash.

We indulged in several more exhilarating slides, each requiring us to glide down on inflatable tubes or rafts, surrendering ourselves to the park’s aquatic wonders.

Hunger pangs led us to a delightful lunch spot nestled near the wave pool beach, where we savored delectable dishes amidst breathtaking views.

Eager for more aquatic adventures, we embarked on a thrilling rafting expedition down the lazy river. Unexpectedly encountering a cascading waterfall and an adrenaline-inducing segment, we reveled in the joys of this seemingly tranquil waterway.

Our next destination was the awe-inspiring wave pool boasting the world’s largest artificial wave. Anticipation filled the air as children and adults alike eagerly awaited each approaching swell, only to be carried away by its forceful embrace, leaving them joyously disoriented.

Having parked atop a lofty hill, we ventured forth to procure essential supplies. Laden with groceries and a sense of tranquility, we returned home to unwind and bask in the island’s serene ambiance.

A leisurely stroll along the promenade initially promised idyllic vistas. However, as we descended further into tourist-laden realms, menus grew larger and more ostentatious. The persistent presence of vendors peddling counterfeit purses and the cacophony of ill-fated karaoke performances tainted the once pristine atmosphere.

Seeking culinary delights, we sought refuge at Picamar Tapas bistro. Although our quest for gelato was thwarted by its untimely closure, our tapas experience left an indelible mark on our palates.

<<< Sep 4 (Mon)

- Went for a walk on the beach, but it was really hot and no shade to be found.

- Came back and relaxed at our Airbnb which had a decent view of the water.

- Packed up and drove to Teide volcano. Got in line for our 1:30 ascent on the cable car to the top of Teide, the highest point in Spain.

- Went for a 1 hour walk around the top. Some nice views of the surrounding area. From there we could see the islands of Gran Canaria, El Hierro, La Gomera, and La Palma.

- Had lunch by the Roques de Garcia with a great view of Teide at the same time.

- Took the long way around to La Laguna because the road we wanted to take was closed due to fire.

- Drove to our hotel in La Laguna. Went for a swim on the rooftop which had a nice view of La Laguna and the surrounding area. We couldn't go in the hot tub because a couple were making out in it.

- Walked around the old town of La Laguna and went for pizza at Pizzeria Rosticceria Salento Xiii.


I strolled along the sandy shore, feeling the sun’s rays scorching my skin. The beach was vast and empty, with no shelter from the heat. I longed for a cool breeze or a splash of water to refresh me.

I returned to our cozy Airbnb, where I could enjoy a partial view of the sparkling sea. I relaxed on the couch, sipping a cold drink and listening to the waves.

We packed our bags and hit the road, heading for the majestic Teide volcano. We arrived just in time for our 1:30 cable car ride, which lifted us to the summit of Spain’s highest peak.

We explored the lunar landscape at the top, marveling at the craters, rocks and colors. We had a panoramic view of the archipelago, spotting the silhouettes of Gran Canaria, El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma on the horizon.

We descended to a scenic spot by the Roques de Garcia, where we had lunch with a stunning backdrop of Teide’s cone. We savored the local cuisine and admired the natural beauty.

We took a detour to La Laguna, as our planned route was closed due to a wildfire. We drove through winding roads and lush forests, enjoying the contrast with the arid volcano.

We checked in at our hotel in La Laguna, where we had a rooftop pool with a lovely view of the city and its surroundings. We swam in the clear water, feeling refreshed and relaxed. We avoided the hot tub, as it was occupied by a couple who seemed oblivious to our presence.

We walked around the charming old town of La Laguna, admiring its colonial architecture and lively atmosphere. We ended our day with a delicious pizza at Pizzeria Rosticceria Salento Xiii, a cozy and authentic place.

<<< Sep 5 (Tue)

- Woke up early and hiked from Punta del Hidalgo - Chinamada.

It started off well, with some nice views of the ocean a few km in. And then the upward ascent began.

Luckily we were in the shade but it was still very hot and humid. We were in a race against the sun as it began to peer over the cliffs.

By the time we got to the top the sun was waiting for us.

At the top we realized we could have driven there, as there was a paved road.

We began the descent down, this time in the hot sun, and realized we probably should have brought a bit more water.

By the time we got to the car we were dripping buckets of sweat and could not wait to turn the AC on.

- We cooled off in the car as we drove to Bodegas Monje, a winery with a nice view just 10 minutes from the airport.

They were out of a few things we tried to order, but we had some nice wines, beer, salad with prawns (but with heads) and pork served on a wood plank.

- Flew from Tenerife (TFS) to Gomera (GMZ). By the time the flight reached it's maximum altitude it felt like it was time to descend. We had a nice view of the Teide volcano on the way there.

- Picked up our rental car, which came with a quarter tank. At first it seemed like that should be plenty. Then the car scared us by dropping our remaining km down very quickly, with no gas stations until our destination. But luckily as we reached the top of the island and started to descend our remaining km started to go back up.

- Drove to Vueltas which is near Valle Gran Rey. Checked into our Airbnb Apartamentos Varadero which had an amazing view of the water, port area, and huge rocky cliffs as a backdrop.

<<< Sep 6 (Wed)

- Learned our lesson from yesterday and made sure to wake up early for our hike to beat the heat.

- Drove to Parroquia Ntra. Sra. de la Salud and parked here to start our hike. Today we were hiking the Ruta Circular Riscos de la Merica.

The views were great right off the bat as we passed by the Tagaluche Mountains and the town of Tagaluche down in the valley below.

We encountered quite a few goats along the way as we descended towards the edge of the trail with views of Valle Gran Reye below.

We walked along the ridge and saw some interesting plants. Some that were furry, and one we learned was called euphorbia.

We could see La Palma island in the distance, where we would be heading next.

On the way back we checked out the mirador, which seemed to be designed to hold massive tour groups, even though there's no way a bus could have fit on the road we drove up.

- On the way home we stopped at the black sand beach (La Caleta), which had very soft sand and zero rocks. Everyone was enjoying the decent sized waves. Apparently the conditions are often not ideal for swimming here, but today they certainly were.

- Stopped by the bakery for tomorrow's breakfast and a slice of pizza. Bought groceries.

- Relaxed on our rooftop veranda with the beautiful view. CB went for a quick dip. Chris couldn't find his swimsuit.

<<< Sep 7 (Thu)

- Drove to Raso la Bruma, a short hike near near Vallehermoso. A short walk through the forest with a few views of Tiede.

- Next we drove to Montana el Cepo. This hike had reddish terrain, and some pinks and yellows as well, which contrasted nicely with the deep blue of the ocean. We had great views of Tiede from here.

- Then we drove to Mirador Abrante which had a glass viewpoint cantilevered over the edge. More views of Tiede.

- Checked out the Centre de Visitantes Parque Nacionale Garajonay which contained a botanical garden and some information on the history of Gomera. We bought some chocolate and ginger cookies made with gofio.

- Drove to Mirador Roque Blanco. Chris didn't feel it was worth the drive. Tried to continue on our way but the road we wanted didn't seem to exist.

- Stopped at Mirador Valle Hermosa and Mirador Alojera. By this time we were miradored out.

- Came back and went for a dip in the ocean at the black sand beach.

- Went for dinner at La Salsa. Great macaroni and cashew pie.

- Sat on our balcony and looked at the stars. Watched the children play soccer across the street in front of the restaurant.


We began our day with a gentle stroll in Raso la Bruma, a forested trail near the charming town of Vallehermoso.

Along the way, we caught glimpses of the majestic Tiede volcano, rising above the clouds in the distance.

Our next destination was Montana el Cepo, a hike that rewarded us with stunning views of the rugged coastline and the azure sea.

The landscape was a riot of colors, from the reddish soil to the pink and yellow flowers that dotted the hillsides. Tiede was still visible, looming over the horizon.

We then drove to Mirador Abrante, a lookout point with a thrilling feature: a glass platform that extended over the edge of the cliff, offering a vertiginous perspective of the valley below. We felt like we were flying as we admired the scenery, including Tiede, which seemed to follow us everywhere.

After that, we visited the Centre de Visitantes Parque Nacionale Garajonay, where we learned more about the history and culture of Gomera, an island with a rich and diverse heritage. We also enjoyed the botanical garden, which showcased some of the endemic plants of the region.

We treated ourselves to some delicious chocolate and ginger cookies made with gofio, a local roasted flour.

We continued our scenic drive to Mirador Roque Blanco, but we were disappointed by the lack of views. We tried to find another road to explore, but it seemed to have vanished from the map.

We stopped at two more lookout points, Mirador Valle Hermosa and Mirador Alojera, but we felt we had seen enough for one day. We decided to head back and relax at the beach.

We reached our hotel and went for a refreshing dip in the ocean at the black sand beach. The water was cool and clear, and we felt rejuvenated by the water.

We had dinner at La Salsa, a cozy restaurant that served us mouthwatering macaroni and a cashew pie. It was a simple but satisfying meal that hit the spot.

We ended our day by sitting on our balcony and gazing at the stars. They twinkled brightly in the dark sky, creating a magical atmosphere. Except for one bright light that threatened our night sky.

We also watched the children play soccer across the street in front of the restaurant. They seemed happy and carefree, and their laughter filled the air. We felt grateful for this wonderful day in Gomera.

<<< Sep 8 (Fri)

- Woke up early again and drove to Mirador Bailadero. We started at the forest and descended to La Zarcita and looked at the rock formations of Los Roques. Then we descended some more into the terraced village of La Laja. At this point it was starting to get very hot. The climb back up to Bailadero was very steep and we had to stop for water and any shade we could find every 50 to 100 steps. It felt like we were never going to get back to the car.

- Came back to a much deserved shower and walked over to OSO VGR cafe. We both ordered burgers and they were massive. Even the veggie burger was huge.

- Tried to go for a walk to watch the sunset but we were a few minutes too late.

- Walked all the way to Playa La Caleta along the beach, allowing the waves to soothe our tired feet.

- On the way back we stopped for ice cream at Heladería La Crema. I had cherry, and Chris had papaya.


Before dawn, we set off for Mirador Bailadero.

Our hike began in the lush forest, where we enjoyed the cool breeze and the shade of the pine trees. We followed the trail down to La Zarcita, and the striking rock formations of Los Roques.

These ancient volcanic pillars rose majestically from the valley. We continued our descent to La Laja, a charming, terraced village. By then, the sun was high in the sky and the heat was intense. We faced the challenge of climbing back up to Bailadero, a steep and strenuous ascent that tested our endurance.

We stopped frequently to drink water and rest under any tree we could find. We felt a surge of relief and accomplishment when we finally reached our car.

After a refreshing shower at our hotel, we walked to OSO VGR cafe, a cozy spot that serves delicious burgers. We were famished after our hike and ordered one each. They were enormous and satisfying, with juicy patties and fresh toppings. Even the veggie burger was impressive.

We decided to end our day with a stroll along the beach, hoping to catch the sunset. Unfortunately, we missed it by a few minutes, but we still enjoyed the view of the ocean and the sky. We walked all the way to Playa La Caleta.

We took off our shoes and let the waves wash over our feet, soothing our sore muscles.

On our way back, we treated ourselves to some ice cream at Heladería La Crema. They had a variety of flavors to choose from, all made with natural ingredients. I opted for cherry, a sweet and tangy delight, while Chris had papaya, a tropical and refreshing choice.

<<< Sep 9 (Sat)

- Flew from Gomera (GMZ) to La Palma (SPC)

- Picked up the rental car from Acoron Rent a Car. It was our only rental car hiccup of the trip. It was a slow process and there seemed to be some confusion about whether we had paid already or not.

- Drove into Santa Cruz town and bought groceries at Hyper Dino.

- Checked into our Airbnb on the edge of town which had a pretty nice view, and was quite large with everything we could ask for. However it also came with 91 steps over 5 sets of stairs.

- Drove to Nogales Beach, which required a 1 km walk down some more stairs to the black sand beach. It had some pretty decent sized waves and we enjoyed being thrown around in the relatively warm water. Ate lunch and played some paddle ball.

- Came back and made some spaghetti with avocado sauce for dinner. Checked out the stars from our balcony. There was some sort of music festival going on in town, so there were spotlights crossing the sky. At one point some loud fireworks went off not far from us.


We left the serene island of Gomera on a short flight to Tenerife North (just enough time to be served a donut), and then another short flight to La Palma (just enough time to be served some corn nuts and papaya), the greenest and most diverse of the Canary Islands.

Our adventure began with a slight delay at the Acoron Rent a Car office (which consisted of a guy with a laptop in the parking garage), where we had to sort out some confusion about our payment. But soon we were on our way to the charming capital of Santa Cruz, where we stocked up on groceries at a bustling supermarket.

Our Airbnb was a spacious and comfortable apartment on the outskirts of town, with a stunning view of the sea and the mountains. The only catch was the 91 steps we had to climb over five flights of stairs to reach it. A good exercise for our legs, we told ourselves.

We drove to Nogales Beach, a hidden gem of black sand and crashing waves. We walked down a steep path for about a kilometer, passing by banana plantations and cacti.

The water was warm and inviting, and we had fun being tossed around by the powerful surf. We relaxed on the beach with some crackers and cheese and played paddle ball until we were tired.

We returned to our apartment and cooked a simple but delicious dinner of spaghetti with avocado sauce. We enjoyed the night sky from our balcony, watching the stars and the spotlights from a music festival in town.

We were startled by some loud fireworks that exploded nearby, adding some excitement to our peaceful evening.

<<< Sep 10 (Sun)

- Drove to Cumbracita and parked in our reserved space. We didn't see anywhere to check in. Ok, we saw it, and realized too late, and decided to just keep going.

- Hiked up to Pico de Bejenado, which was 8km total with an elevation gain of 636m. It was pretty scenic the whole way with views of Taburiente on one side, and Cumbre Vieja on the other. Cumbre Vieja was the volcanic ridge that erupted in 2021 for approximately 3 months.

At the top of Pico de Bejenado we signed the book to prove we had made the trek. It turned out to be a relatively new book as we were only the third name.

- Drove back down and checked out Playa Ccancajos. Yet another black sand beach.

- Ate some delicious arepas and some 'crazy potatos' at Tè con Te Bar & Lounge. After the meal we had a Barraquito, a traditional Canarian, multi layered coffee drink made with Licor 43.

- Too full for dinner we just relaxed at our place and gazed at the stars and the milky way.


We arrived at Cumbracita, a viewpoint nestled in the pine forests of La Palma, and found our reserved parking spot. We missed the check-in point, but we were eager to start our hike, so we continued on our way.

Our destination was Pico de Bejenado, a majestic peak that offers panoramic views of the island. The trail was 8 kilometers long, with a steady ascent of 636 meters. Along the way, we admired the contrast between the lush greenery of Taburiente National Park and the barren slopes of Cumbre Vieja, the volcanic ridge that erupted spectacularly in 2021 for three months.

We reached the summit and felt a sense of accomplishment as we signed our names in the logbook. We were only the third entry, as the book was recently replaced. We took in the breathtaking scenery and felt grateful for this opportunity.

We descended and drove to Playa Cancajos, a beautiful black sand beach with clear blue water. We enjoyed the sun and the sea breeze, and relaxed after our hike.

We headed to Tè con Te Bar & Lounge, a cozy and friendly place that serves delicious arepas and ‘crazy potatoes’, a local specialty of spicy fried potatoes. We topped off our meal with a Barraquito, a traditional Canarian coffee drink with layers of milk, espresso, Licor 43, lemon and cinnamon.

We returned to our place and spent the evening stargazing at the clear night sky. We marveled at the Milky Way and the countless stars, and felt lucky to be in this magical island.

<<< Sep 11 (Mon) Moon 11%

- Woke up just before dawn again. Venus, the moon, and the soon-to-be sunrise were all on display..

- Drove to Franceses and began our descent towards Gallegos. It was hard to enjoy the descent knowing we would have to walk all the way back up. But there were some nice views of the north atlantic. Down we went through the ravine, filled with cacti, goats, and the occasional butterfly.

- The first viewpoint was Mirador de Franceses. The second viewpoint was Mirador de Gallegos. Here we saw a computer generated image of what Gallegos has planned for a new and improved viewpoint involving an 8 metre glass skywalk, similar to what we saw at Abrante.

- Hiked back up in the heat, disturbing the goats once in the process.

- Drove to Charco Azul and the Destilerías Aldea, a distillery that makes nice rum, banana flavored and honey rum.

- Changed into our swimsuits and went for a dip in Charco Azul, a natural swimming pool (kind of). Saw some giant crabs around the edges.

Took a photo of Chris doing the starfish. I also tried to starfish but couldn't float as well.

- Sat down with the lizards under a palapa and ate our cheese and crackers and hummus and grapes and chocolate cookie.

- Drove to Hyper Dino and picked up ingredients for dinner, lemon and parmesan spaghetti.

- Back at our place we watched tennis, drank our newly acquired rum, and made dinner while listening to the crashing waves coming through our 3 balcony doors.


We rose early and witnessed a stunning spectacle of celestial lights. Venus, the moon, and the rising sun painted the sky with brilliant colors.

We drove to Franceses, a quaint village on the northern coast of La Palma, and started our hike towards Gallegos, another charming hamlet.

We knew we had to climb back up later, but we enjoyed the downhill walk through the ravine, where we encountered cacti, goats, and butterflies.

We admired the views of the North Atlantic, sparkling in the sun.

We reached two viewpoints, Mirador de Franceses and Mirador de Gallegos, where we could see the rugged coastline and the green hills.

At Mirador de Gallegos, we saw a futuristic design of a new viewpoint that would feature a glass skywalk, similar to the one we had seen at Abrante.

We hiked back up in the heat, startling some goats along the way. We were glad to reach our car and drive to Charco Azul and Destilerías Aldea, a distillery that produces fine rum with banana and honey flavors.

We changed into our swimsuits and plunged into Charco Azul, a natural pool carved by the waves. We saw some giant crabs crawling on the rocks.

We took some fun photos of us floating like starfish. I had some trouble staying afloat, but Chris did it perfectly.

We relaxed under a palapa with some friendly lizards and had a picnic of cheese, crackers, hummus, grapes, and chocolate cookies.

We drove to Hyper Dino and bought some ingredients for dinner, lemon and parmesan spaghetti.

Back at our place, we watched some tennis, sipped our rum, and cooked dinner while listening to the soothing sound of the waves crashing through our three balcony doors.

<<< Sep 12 (Tue) Moon 6%

- Stopped at Dragos Gemelos, a pair of 2 large dragon trees.

- Drove to Villa de Mazo, a town that was supposed to be known for their handicrafts but couldn't find any. Took some money out from the ATM, and forced to pay a fee of 9 Euros.

- Drove to Los Canarios the town at the top of the small route of the volcanos. Had some great sandwiches from Zulay.

- Drove our car to the bottom of the hill past all the banana plantations and parked our car at Salinas Fuencalientes near the lighthouse.

- Took the bus back up to the top of the hill and walked over to Tenguia Winery. Diego gave us a tasting of 4 different wines, ranging from drier whites to a few reds, and some sweet wines grown in the region (known as Malmsey or Malvasia).

- Walked over to the visitor center, Centro de Visitantes Volcán San Antonio, to learn about the recent and historical volcano eruptions in the area,

- Tried out the earthquake simulator. Walked around San Antonio volcano.

- Started walking down the Small Route of the Volcanoes. Finally a hike that was all downhill! Walked past Volcano Teneguia. Had views of the salt production and the ocean. It was all soft black sand and quite hot out, so we were glad we were not walking uphill.

- Drove over to Playa de Echentive another dark sand beach. It also had some natural pools and a warm pond, but we didn't swim in any of them.

- Picked up some pizza and pasta from L'Osteria del Geco. We were glad we weren't eating inside, as it was completely full and felt very hot when we walked inside.

- Had hoped to go to a special spot for stargazing on this night but it turned out to be too cloudy.


We began our journey at Dragos Gemelos, where we were greeted by a pair of two large dragon trees. The sight was truly awe-inspiring and left us in wonder.

Our next stop was Villa de Mazo, a town that is known for its handicrafts. However, we were unable to find any. We withdrew some money from the ATM and were forced to pay a fee of 9 Euros. Despite this setback, we continued our journey.

We then drove to Los Canarios, a town located at the top of the small route of the volcanoes. Here, we had some great sandwiches from Zulay. The food was delicious and provided us with the energy we needed for the rest of our journey.

Our next destination was Salinas Fuencalientes, where we parked our car near the lighthouse. From there, we took a bus back up to the top of the hill and walked over to Tenguia Winery. Diego, our host, gave us a tasting of four different wines ranging from drier whites to a few reds and some sweet wines grown in the region (known as Malmsey or Malvasia). The wines were exquisite and left us wanting more.

We then walked over to Centro de Visitantes Volcán San Antonio, where we learned about recent and historical volcano eruptions in the area. We also tried out the earthquake simulator and walked around San Antonio volcano.

Our next adventure was walking down the Small Route of the Volcanoes. Finally, a hike that was all downhill! We walked past Volcano Teneguia and had views of salt production and the ocean. It was all soft black sand and quite hot out, so we were glad we were not walking uphill.

We then drove over to Playa de Echentive, another dark sand beach that also had some natural pools and a warm pond. Although we didn’t swim in any of them, it was still an enjoyable experience.

For dinner, we picked up some pizza and pasta from L’Osteria del Geco. We were glad we weren’t eating inside as it was completely full and felt very hot when we walked inside.

Finally, we had hoped to go to a special spot for stargazing on this night but it turned out to be too cloudy. Nonetheless, our journey was filled with unforgettable experiences that will stay with us forever.

<<< Sep 13 (Wed) Moon 2%

- Went on a self guided walking tour of Santa Cruz. Passed by some historical buildings, churches, nice balconies, and some nice squares.

We commented on the fact that it was a lot less busy than other similarly pretty towns would be in mainland Europe.

- Sat down for sandwiches at Utopia Cafe before heading back to our place to pack up and head to the airport.

We noticed that La Palma Airport (SPC) was quite beautiful with views of the ocean.

- Flew to Brussels via Madrid.

- Took a taxi to our hotel, B&B Avenue Deschanel. Great place, with plenty of chocolates and beer waiting for us on arrival.

<<< Sep 14 (Thu)

- Walked across Parc Josaphat and saw the donkeys being used for park maintenance, and where they lived.

- Caught the tram and walked through Parc du Cinquantenaire.

- Went to Lorette Chocolate and bought a variety of different chocolates ranging from fruit to nutty.

- Bought some waffles from Obe Belgian Waffles and ate them in Grand Place.

- Checked out the Manneken Pis statue, which was about as exciting as we figured it would be.

- Looked at some street art. Went for a beer at Beer Capital and watched the pedestrians go by.

- Took the train to Atomium and then back into downtown for frites at Fritkot Chouke.

- Went to see the smurf mural and then came back to our place. Went for dinner at Live Central Park. The kitchen was closed but there was one thing they could offer us, fries!