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Sourdough Pizza by Ken Forkish

Yields: 2 dough balls for two 11-inch pizzas

Step 1: The Levain Starter (do this the night before pizza day)


66 grams of water at 100 degrees fahrenheit
33 grams of sour dough starter
66 grams of double-zero flour

- Measure the 66 grams of 100 degree water into a plastic container that has a lid.

- Add the sour dough starter and mix by hand.

- Add the flour and mix by hand.

- Put the plastic lid on the container and leave out at room temperature.

- 10-12 hours later (the next morning) the levain starter should be bubbly and goopy and lively.

Step 2: The Dough (do this the morning of pizza day)


148 grams water at 90-95 degrees fahrenheit
9 grams of sea salt
All of the Levain starter from above
248 grams of double-zero flour
Olive oil

- Measure the 148 grams of water at 90-95 degrees fahrenheit into a dough tub (bowl).

- Add the 9 grams of seat salt and swirl around to dissolve

- Add in all of the levain starter and blend it by hand using a pincer motion (squeeze your fingers together)

- Add the flour. Mix by hand into a single mass of dough.

- Use the pincer method again, alternating it with folding the dough to develop it back into a unified mass. Do this for 30-60 seconds.

- Let the dough rest, covered with anything you want, for 20 minutes

- Knead the dough for 30 seconds to a minute

- Place the dough in an oiled tub (the olive oil), covered with anything you want, for 3 hours

- Shape the dough into 2 dough balls and place on a floured board. Sprinkle with flour on top and cover the dough balls with plastic wrap. Let sit at room temperature for about 5 hours.