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So... Sonoma?

<<< Wed, May 3

- Flew into San Francisco and picked up our Turo rental.

- Called ahead to order a pizza from Pizzetta 211. Buffalo mozzarella and aruguls with spicy san marzano sauce. So good.

- Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to the viewpoint. It was raining and foggy, typical San Francisco weather.

- Stopped at Trader Joes to pick up some snacks for our trip. Chris found almond butter coated almonds.

- Checked into our Airbnb in Graton, 'The Flying Pig.'

- Drove to The Barlow district and had some tasty ciders at Golden State Cider.

- Dinner at Piala, a Georgian restaurant.

<<< Thu, May 4

- Went to Tiny Town Cafe in Forestville for breakfast.

- Drove to Healdsburg and bought a $10 loaf of bread.

- Picked up our bikes at Spoke Folk and began our 32km bike journey up West Creek Dry road.

- The first winery stop was Bella. Went into the cave and purchased a bottle of zinfandel. Drank it outside the cave on the lawn. Perfect view.

- Stopped at the Dry Creek General Store on the way back and picked up a giant sandwich.

- Took the sandwich to Amista and paired it with some sparkling syrah while taking in the view of the vineyard.

- Went for dinner at La Bodega. Chris was already very full, but we managed to put away some bourekas and baked rigatoni.

<<< Fri, May 5

- Had our fresh eggs and drove to the coast. Hiked Sonoma Coast State Park on the Kortum trail from Shell Beach to Goat Rock.

Great views and a few snakes. And a lot of wildflowers.

- Stopped at a sealion resting place (Jenner) on the way back. It turned out they were seals, not lions.

- Had lunch at the Armstrong Redwoods with a bunch of TK (transitional-kindergarten) children before taking a short hike through the redwoods.

- Rode our bikes to Forestville in the rain and had pizza at the Sonoma Pizza Co. One pizza was woodfired, the other was made in a Swedish electric oven. Our bikes weren't in the best condition so it was a great workout.

<<< Sat, May 6

- Drove to Guernsville to rent a double kayak. Launched into the Russian River and it turned out to be a nicer day than we were expecting.

Headed downstream at 4 km/h without really needing to paddle very much. Nice calm, wide river with plenty of birds chirping. Vultures circling.

Stopped at a beach about half way through the paddle and so did the river seal that was just ahead of us.

We watched the seal come up for air every so often and then finished off our trip at the boat launch where we were picked up.

- Picked up our stuff from the Flying Pig and bought some cheese from the Bohemian Creamery.

- Drove to the Fairmont Sonoma and checked in. Met in the lobby for a wine tasting.

- Relaxed outside for a bit while all the lights came on outside (purple lights on the hotel, nice white lights on the tree).