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Loreto? Dolphinately!

<<< Sat, Jan 14

- Took a few hours to get out of LTO airport.

- Taxi to La Mision Hotel. Nice view of the pool area and Sea of Cortez.

- Went for 2-for-1 margaritas at the hotel (required: 2 per person, which we only realized after he brought us the second one).

- Listened to a wide variety of music from the cars on the street, and Bryan Adams from our hotel.

- Had a soak in the hot tub.

- Tried to go for dinner at Orlando's, but it was full. So instead we went to Mi Loreto. The chile rellenos was tasty. The enchiladas, in a variety of sauces, were ok.

<<< Sun, Jan 15

- Walked over to the Loreto marina and met Sea & Land Tours Loreto at the whale statue.

- Got in the boat and headed south towards Dazante, around 27km.

- There we encountered a blue whale! Our guide estimated it to be around 20 metres, and possibly a juvenile.

- We watched this particular blue whale for quite a while. It would come up to the surface every 7 minutes or so, and blow it's spout 7-11 times before disappearing into the depths.

These blue whales of Loreto live in Monterey, California and migrate down here for the winter.

- On the way back we encountered a few dolphins who swam beside our boat, some of them were trying to race it.

- Back to the hotel, walked over to the grocery store.

- Had a soak in the hot tub, and a cold plunge in the pool.

- Drank some tequila + coconut juice drinks on our balcony and bought some wood-fired pizza.

<<< Mon, Jan 16

- Woke up to another beautiful sunrise. Walked over to the SUP rental place. Attmpted to SUP at Loreto Beach. My SUP was too professional (narrow) for me to stand up on (and seemed to always want to sink), but Chris managed her's just fine.

- We supped (I kneeled) around for about an hour and then went for breakfast at El Andador Cafe. Nice views of the trees and church. Good mocha. Freshly squeezed orange juice but no smoothies. When the church bells rang they played an entire song's worth.

- Picked up the rental car (insurance rip-off, as expected, being Mexico). Drove to Misión San Francisco Javier de Viggé-Biaundó -a church from 1699.

The 35 km drive was quite scenic through the 'Sierra de la Giganta' mountain range.

- A hitchiker from Belgium asked if she could catch a ride back to Loreto with us. It turned out she had a throat infection and asked to be dropped off at a clinic in Loreto. But it was interesting talking to her about her experiences in Mexico.

- Bought some pineapple flavored soda and had a few drinks with our tequila on the balcony.

- Went to the Giggling Dolphin for dinner. I had the combo platter and once again the chile rellenos seemed like the standout. The refried beans were also really good.

- Had some mint chocolate chip ice cream from La Michoacana for dessert.

<<< Tue, Jan 17

- Went for breakfast at El Andador Cafe again. Still delicious. This time they had smoothies available.

- Hiked up Tabor Canyon.towards the Sierra de la Giganta. Ran into the hitchhiker from Belgium again.

- Drove to a viewpoint, Mirador Frida. Nice view of the islands in the Sea of Cortez. Guy selling coconuts.

- Back to the hotel. Waited for a family to get out of the hot tub. They never did. Went for dinner at Orlando's. Had some strong margaritas.

- Soak in the hot tub, and a cold plunge.

<<< Wed, Jan 18

- Morning hot tub, followed by a grocery store run to stock up for our stay north of Loreto.

- Went for lunch at La Picazon, which required a bit of a drive on a dirt road. Part of the adventure is finding it. Great view of the water and Coronado Island.

- Drove up the baja to our Airbnb in Bahia de Concepcion. We walked into our place to find an awesome mural of underwater sea life adorning the walls.

The view of the bay from the property was incredible.

Went up on the roof, but it was a little too windy to enjoy.

- Played a game.

<<< Thu, Jan 19

- Drove down to El Burro beach. Then over to Posado and walked around a bit.

- Came back to the house and Adam loaned us his neighbour's kayak. We took the kayak out for an hour.

- Played some games and soaked in the views from the balcony. Chris made some tasty passion fruit drinks.

<<< Fri, Jan 20

- Woke up early to try and spot the dolphins in the bay. They showed up around 7:45 AM. After watching them for a bit we walked down to the water in hopes of being able to kayak somewhat near the dolphins for a few minutes. In the end we were able to kayak next to dolphins popping out of the water for over 2 hours. It was a perfect day, absolutely gorgeous and calm in the bay.

- Played games on the balcony and then drove to Mulege. Checked out Misión Santa Rosalía de Mulegé. The surrounding area had an interesting landscape, very tropical with palm trees (dates), like an oasis in an otherwise deserty place.

- Had some beers and dinner at Mulege Brewing Company.