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30.05.24 1038 [PST]

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San Diego

Mon Oct 31

- Flew into SAN and went for Mexican food at Baja Betty's. We had margaritas, some average fish tacos, an enchilada and a taco.

- Drove to see Melanie and Ethan. Ethan dressed up as Jack Skellington and Chris wore a hot dog costume. Walked over to a very popular trick-or-treating street. So many houses in the halloween spirit!

- Came back and went for a hot tub.

Tue Nov 1

- Played Uno and Monopoly with Ethan.

- Pscked up and headed to Oceanside. Tried to go SUPping but it was too windy. So instead we walked along the beach to the pier.

Saw some surfers. Walked back and drove to Trader Joe's to pick up some snacks and drinks.

- Drove to Dana Point and ate our snacks at a great viewpoint with all the boats below.

- Drove to what we thought was the start of a hike, but turned out to be just a short walk along the bluffs. (Dana Point Bluff Top Trail)

- Drove to what turned out to be the actual start of a hike (Dana Point Headlands Conservation Area). Walked along the sandy trail with ocean views.

- Went to That Mexican Place for dinner. I had a giant burrito. Chris had really good enchiladas. Melanie bought guacamole but there were no chips.

- Chris went in the hot tub.

Wed Nov 2

- Rainy day, so we just went to the Tile Store to look for grout options, and then Walmart to look for sandals. Exciting!

- Went to Bernardo Winery for a pizza lunch. Melanie, Ethan, and Mom met us there, and brought Monopoly Deal with them.

- Melanie made us Buddha Bowls for dinner.

- Back to the hot tub.

Thu Nov 3

- Hiked up Kway Paay.

- Walked around Balboa Park. Modern art sculptures. Gardens. Down into Palm Canyon. Fountains. Spanish architecture.

Chips and hummus (blew away in the wind).

- Walked to Inspiration / Desperation Point.

- Drove to North Park and waited for Gilatti and Picatti to open. Swung by a farmer's market to buy berries while we waited.

- Hot tub.

Fri Nov 4

- Paddle boarding down in Mission Bay. Nice day for it. Calm water. Paddled across most of the bay.

- Walked along Pacific Beach. Ate giant burritos at Kono's Cafe. Nice views of the ocean.

- Walked back along the beach and went for a $15 CAD ice cream cone at Pacific Beach Ice Cream. Tried a sample of the Mushroom Candy, but settled on Mint Chocolate Chip and Skrewball Peanut Butter.

- Met everyone at Scripp's Park to play soccer and Spike Ball.

- We all went to Juneshine and picked up Thai food for dinner.

- Hot tub.

Sat Nov 5

- Went and watched Ethan play soccer. It did not go well for Ethan's team.

- Went to the Poway Farmer's Market. Bought some pain au chocolat.

- Played soccer in the afternoon. Tried to go to the Del Mar brewery but there was a 45 minute wait.

Headed to Sky Deck but it was....odd.

So we ended up at One Paseo which was just right. Sat at Harland Brewing, ordered from Shake Shack, and played Monopoly Deal.

- Hot tub.

Sun Nov 6

- Woke up to learn our flight was cancelled. Scheduled a callback for 14 hours later.

- Drove to La Jolla and found a parking spot well away from where we were headed. Walked along the beach until we hit a dead end. Had to cut through the residential area a bit before arriving at the seals. Had a wrap at Del-ish-us (del-average).

- There wasn't as many seals as usual. The tide was out. Walked a bit further to check out the sea lions. Lots of vendors.

- Drove to Mia Marie Winery. Way up on top of the hill. Nice views. Sat on the swing at the end, eating cheese/crackers and sipping on rose.

- Squash soup for dinner and back to the hot tub. WestJet finally got a hold of us. Our only real option was to fly out of Palm Springs instead.

Mon Nov 7

- Drove to Palm Springs. Stopped at a couple viewpoints. Went to La Perlita for lunch (average).

- Tried to kill some time at a few parks. Watched our flight get more and more delayed. Went to the airport to wait 5 hours for our flight home.