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San Diego

Fri Nov 26

- Took the bus to The Westin San Diego Downtown (Uber was a rip off price)

- Went for a walk and had empanadas at Empanada Kitchen. And then Coal Brothers for tacos.

- Had a drink in the hotel bar to use our 'resort credit'. The wait staff were having some sort of argument.

Happy hour didn't apply to my beer (Hazy IPA) but it was tasty.

- Went in the hot tub and swam in the pool (which we could see from our room).

- Went for dinner at Serrano Tacos.

Sat Nov 27

- Tried to find the farmer's markets around our hotel but they weren't actually happening.

- Walked along the promenade a little bit, and then went back to the hotel to pick up some bikes.

- Biked towards the convention center. Hoped to see some comic-con action but were disappointed. No bikes allowed.

It didn't seem like many had costumes anyways.

- Rode our bikes towards Liberty Market to meet Melanie, Mom, Gaz, and Ethan.

We ended up somewhere near Harbour Island after taking a wrong turn.

At Liberty Market we grabbed some lunch and ate in the courtyard.

- Went to Trader Joe's and bought some $8 rum.

- Walked along the water for a bit and then biked back.

- Had an early dinner to try and 'ketch' the sunset at Ketch (geodesic dome along the water). Good food and beers on the rooftop, but we were a little too late for sunset.

- Watched out the window for the hot tub to become available. Rode up and down the glass elevator to the 23rd floor to take in the partial views.

Sun Nov 28

- Rode our bikes to The Mission for breakfast.

- Met Melanie and Mom near our hotel and drove to Coronado Island.

- Met up with Ethand and Gaz and played spike ball and soccer on the beach.

- Walked down the beach towards the Coronado Hotel.

- Went for lunch at Miguel's Cochina. Our lunch consisted of free chips and salsa, since our breakfast was huge.

- Drove along the Silver Strand to Melanie's.

- Went for a soak in the hot tub.

- Ordered pizza from Best Pizza and Brew.

Mon Nov 29

- Went to La Jolla. Saw some seals and noisy sea lions.

- Had a vegan lunch at Trilogy while watching aerial yoga. Really good rosemary cashew mac & cheese. Wanted to buy the cookbook but it didn't have the mac & cheese in it.

- Walked around a little bit more in La Jolla and then drove to Annie's Canyon Trail to meet Mom, Melanie, and Ethan.

Did two loops around the slot canyon. Tight squeeze in some parts!

- Picked up some donuts at Sidecar. They turned out to be pretty pricey ($4 per donut).

- Melanie made chicken tagine for dinner.

- Went for another soak in the hot tub.

- Watched '14 Peaks'

Tue Nov 30

- Hiked up to Potato Chip Rock. Nice views along the way, pretty hot out.

Took our pictures on top of the potato chip.

- Picked up some slurpees. Walked to pick Ethan up from school.

- Soak in the hot tub (again!) and went to Miramar for a bit of a brewery tour.

Started at Pure Project, followed by Duck Foot. And then met up with Gaz and his co-workers at Ballast Point (had to walk over some train tracks to get there).

Wed Dec 1

- Went to the Misssion Bay area for a Sup yoga lesson. Really foggy at the beginning but then it cleared up.

- Went for lunch at Armonia.

- Walked along the Mission Beach boardwalk.

- Dropped Mom off at the airport.

- Went to North Park and had pizza and gelato from Gelati & Pecatti. Delicious roman style tagli-something pizza.

- Soak in the hot tub!

Thu Dec 2

- Walked around Lake Hodges.

- Went to the Bernardo Winery. It had everything we like: great wood-fired pizza, great wine (2019 Grenache), and a cat.

- Took our Covid tests at CVS and Walgreens. Walgreens had no record of my appointment.

- Went to Ethan's soccer practice. Melanie ran laps around us. Thai food for dinner.

Fri Dec 3

- Drove to the Anza-Borrego desert. Stopped in Julian to look for chicken-pot pie, but couldn't find one.

Had Mexican food at Quecho.

- Walked 'The Slot' canyon trail. Tight squeeze in spots. Saw a large tarantula. Walked up a large hill in deep sand.

A motorcyclist was stuck at the bottom of the hill. We later tried to drive to Font's Pont on the road nearby, until realizing the road took back us to the top of the large sandy hill. Luckily we knew that it would probably not be wise to drive down it, having just witnessed someone that was stuck.

- Tried to check into Palm Canyon Hotel and RV Resort but our room wasn't ready. So we took a drive to try and find Font's Point.

First we ended up at the local dump. Then we finally found the correct road, which was a sand road with a few spots where you had to keep your speed up.

We made it just in time for the sunset at Font's Point.

- Back at the hotel we had our free drinks and played a game in the dark, while stargazing on the patio at the back of the saloon.

We saw Venus, Orion's belt, and 'The W' (Cassiopeia). But couldn't quite see the Milky Way.

- Had a soak in the hot tub and met a couple from San Diego that liked to hike, and gave us some great suggestions.

- Cheese and crackers and hummus for dinner in the room.

Sat Dec 4

- Sat by the pool and ate our yogurt for breakfast.

- Hiked up Borrego Palm Canyon trail with an oasis at the end. The palm trees had burned in a man-made fire but were recovering.

Took the alternate trail back down, which felt quite a bit longer than the way up.

- Went to look at the sculptures in the desert and ate lunch in the shade under The Serpent.

- Drove back to San Diego and had a soak in the hot tub for the millionth time.

- Walked around Christmas Card Lane playing Christmas music.

- Went for pizza and pasta at Buona Forchetta in North City. Noisy but good.

Sun Dec 5

- Gaz's driver picked us up and took us to the airport.

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My favourite hiking place, on the mountain around Cleveland National forest, with hiking trails like Descanso, Noble where you can hike for hours.