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Butternut and Yoghurt Pasta w/ Garlic and Chilli Sauce

This pasta is both comforting and celebratory. Cook it low and slow to ensure the smoothest texture.

The last time we made this, we thought maybe we would skip making the chilli sauce next time.

Prep 20 min
Cook 50 min
Serves 4 as a starter or side

1kg butternut squash, peeled, deseeded and cut into roughly 2½cm cubes (850g net weight)
1 onion, peeled and cut into 6 wedges
120ml olive oil
Salt and black pepper
6 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced
1 plum tomato, roughly chopped
3 red chillies, deseeded and roughly chopped
1.5 tbsp cider vinegar
200g short mafalda pasta (AKA mafaldine; use farfalle if you can’t find any)
500g Greek yoghurt, at room temperature
1.25 tsp ground cumin
2 egg yolks
1.5 tsp cornflour
5g parsley leaves, roughly chopped, plus extra leaves to garnish

Heat the oven to 250C (230C fan)/480F. Put the squash, onion, three tablespoons of oil, three-quarters of a teaspoon of salt and a good grind of pepper in a medium bowl, then toss to combine.

Transfer to an oven tray lined with baking paper and roast for about 30 minutes, stirring once or twice, until softened and charred, then keep warm.

While the squash is roasting, put the garlic and two tablespoons of oil in a small frying pan on a medium heat, and cook gently, stirring occasionally, until the garlic becomes deeply golden and crisp – about 12 minutes.

Use a slotted spoon to lift the garlic on to a plate lined with kitchen paper; reserve the oil.

Blitz the tomato, chillies and a quarter-teaspoon of salt until finely minced, scraping down the bowl as you go.

Add the vinegar and two tablespoons of oil, pulse for a few seconds, then tip into a small bowl.

Cook the pasta in plenty of salted, boiling water until al dente – about seven minutes, then drain, reserving 200ml of the cooking water.

In a blender, blitz the yoghurt, remaining tablespoon of oil, cumin, egg yolks, cornflour and a third of a teaspoon of salt until smooth – about a minute.

Pour into a large saute pan on a medium heat and cook, stirring, until thickened and just beginning to bubble – about 15 minutes.

Add the pasta, reserved pasta water, chopped parsley and half the squash mix, and cook for four minutes, until just heated through.

Transfer to a large platter and top with the remaining squash mix.

Drizzle with a third of the chilli sauce – serve the rest alongside – then top with the fried garlic, parsley leaves and reserved garlic oil.