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30.05.24 0949 [PST]

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Sun Peaks

<<< Friday, December 18th

- Picked up our Dodge Durango rental, and burritos from Communitea in Canmore.

- Went cross country skiing at Yoho Valley Trail. It was a bit of tough going, as the track hadn't really been groomed, but we saw some nice frozen waterfalls and had mountain views.

- Pressed on to Golden, where we were staying at an isolated cabin in the woods: 'Golden Acres'. Very nice! Took advantage of the hot tub and sauna. They had prepared a packed lunch for us, meant to be eaten the next day, but we had it for dinner instead. The clouds ruined any chance of stargazing.

<<< Saturday, December 19th

- Drove to Revelstoke and picked up some samosas and veggie rolls / burritos from Modern Bakeshop. Always great!

- Headed to Kamloops and picked up some sushi and chicken karage from Sushi Valley.

- Found our Airbnb in Heffley Creek. Cozy little unit with a hot tub a nice setting. Christmas decorations and lights all around us.

- Played a game, went in the hot tub, and watched The Grinch.

<<< Sunday, December 20th

- Made breakfast and drove up to Sun Peaks. Bought our pass for the chairlift. Were told we couldn't carry our cross country skis. We were a little worried about falling when dismounting the chair - and our fears were founded, as we both promptly wiped out as soon as our skis touched the ground.

- We bounced back up and skiied the Holy Cow 10km cross country trail back down to the base. It was a fun trail, with just the right amount of downhill and a few tight turns for us to practice on. The hardest part turned out to be getting off the chairlift!

- Walked into the village to try and go skating, but it turned out we had to reserve a timeslot. Bought some butter and went home.

- Made soup for dinner and then sat in the hot tub. Too cloudy for stargazing.

<<< Monday, December 21st

- Got up and made Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Waited for the snow to come. It was supposed to start around 9 AM - and it did.

- With the snow falling we headed up the mountain. Went up Sundance chair first, and then Sunburst. Chris made it the whole morning without complaining. Ate Mr. Noodles in our vehicle at lunchtime.

- Got back out there. Snow still coming down. Had some pretty good runs. It got a little bit windy in the afternoon though, so Chris broke his no-complaining streak.

- Back home for another hot tub. Burritos for dinner.

<<< Tuesday, December 22nd

- Got to the hill a little earlier today. Aimed for 8:30 AM, made it by 9. Had some nice runs off of Orient.

It suddenly became very busy, around 10:30. Took an early lunch break, hoping the crowds would be gone by the time we were done.

After lunch it died off a little, and we took in some runs off Sundance. We started getting pretty cold, so we decided to call it a day.

Hot tub again, this time with a fairly clear sky. Homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner, with garlic bread Chris made from scratch.

<<< Wednesday, December 23rd

- Got an early start again and made it to the hill for 8:30. Skiied a few runs off Sundance.

- Then headed over to Starburst and Crytal Chair which as a bit windy.

- Took an early break for lunch, Mr Noodles again in the car.

- After lunch we tried Crystal Chair again, still windy. Riding up the Sunburst Chair, I convinced Chris to put the bubble down for it to be warmer. It said it would come up automatically at the end, so we waited until the last minute but it still showed no sign of lifting. We threw it open at the last second, the liftee was concerned we wouldn't make it in time and slowed down the lift for us.

- Back at the airbnb, went in the hot tub again and saw some nice colours in sky at sunset. Played a few games, had dinner and got our stuff packed up to head back home in the morning.

In the Heffley Hideaway I hid,
To get away from the dreaded co vid,

Since I could not go out to the pub,
I chose to soak in the hot tub,

On day two came the snow,
To the hill we must go!

In a mad dash we grabbed our skis,
Powder, up to our knees!!

Back to the hideaway for one last time,
Which was all I needed to finish my rhyme