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30.05.24 1009 [PST]

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Hoodoo You Think You Are?

Thursday, July 9th

- Drove from Calgary to Dinosaur Provincial Park. Stopped at the scenic lookout before descending into the park, and had lunch.

Great expansive views of the badlands.

- Descended into the park, and hiked the Coulee Viewpoint Trail. Thought it looked a bit like Cappadocia in Turkey. Met a cat going for a walk.

- Then we stopped at the visitor centre and checked out the small museum, which had a few dinosaur fossils. Pretty good little museum.

- Next we hiked the Badlands Trail.

- Continued on to Medicine Hat. Found the Medicine Hat Brewery on the way into town. Had a flight and some tasty pretzels with a beer based cheese (a roux!)

Bought some Cherry in cans and filled our growler with a sour pineapple.

- Checked into our Airbnb. Met Princess the cat, she had been given a haircut. Nice basement suite. Benny the dog came and visited us a little later.

- Visited two more breweries. Hell's Basement in an industrial area (Fruit Bat Raspberry), and Travois downtown (didn't like the beer as much, but the Mead one was good).

- Waited in line for ice cream at Swirl's. Had a Nanaimo bar cone, and a Reese's Pieces Arctic Swirl.

- Came back, went for a short stroll, and then had a dip in the hot tub. Princess was outside as well.

Friday, July 10th

- Woke up and had some toast & tea (included in our $50 Airbnb stay) and met Peter the host, and talked about his photos.

- Walked around Police Point Park. Saw the Saskatchewan River but didn't see any goats.

- Drove into town and popped inside the The Page & Whisker, which was a bookstore slash cat adoption agency.

- Stood in another line, for Redcliff Bakery and bought a Smartie cookie.

- Walked down to the Wicked Rose Kombuchery. Breakfast sandwich was good, the kombucha was just ok (a little vinegary?)

- Stopped by the Windmill Garden Center. It was pretty bare, not many plants left for the season.

- Took pictures of canola fields.

- Drove on to Red Rock Coulee. Ate our cookies. Interesting looking reddish-orange, spherical boulders scattered across the prairie landscape. Walked down into the coulee, and it reminded us a bit of Argentina (7 colors).

- Continued on to Writing On Stone. Met up with Nancy and Yeti, in sites 15 & 16. Good views of the Milk River Valley. The river was much lower than the last time we visited. People were even having trouble rafting down it.

- Ate our soup, and went for a walk with Yeti in the Hoodoos.

Saturday, July 11th

- Hiked the Hoodoo Trail. Watched people attempting to raft down the river. Some had to get out and walk. Saw the petroglyphs at the end.

- Came back and read for a bit. A giant snake made his way through our campsite. We think it was perhaps a Bull Snake.

- Had Mac & Cheese for dinner and played a few games.

- Went for another walk with Yeti up the hoodoos. Now we started imagining snakes everywhere, and thought we saw 'something' in the bushes.

- Wanted to try and get up really early to see Comet Neowise, but we were thwarted by the weather.

Sunday, July 12th

- Woke up to windy weather and ate our french toast with bacon.

- Started our drive home and stopped in Coaldale to check out the Birds of Prey Centre.

- Started by looking at a few baby hawks inside, just 2 weeks old. Walked over to the owls (barn, burrowing, short eared, saw-whet, great horned).

- Walked around some more and looked at Falcons (peregrine, kestrel, merlin) and Hawks (swainsons).

- Watched a falconry demonstration with a bald eagle named Lincoln. Gave him a nice shower with the hose afterwards.

- Walked back to the owl area, and held Basil the burrowing owl. Then Fairmont the great horned owl.

- Drove on to Lethbridge and checked out the Japanese Garden. Walked around the river designed with stones from Oldman river.

- Rang the friendship bell (Chris didn't believe it could be heard from 4km away)

- Ate our cookies and drank our green tea.