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Bondiís Garden Brekkie Bowl


1/4 red living lettuce, trimmed
2 eggs, soft boiled
1 lemon cheek
A good pinch of alfalfa sprouts
A good pinch snowpea sprouts
1/2 medium beetroot
1/2 green apple
1/2 fennel bulb
A spoonful of quinoa, cooked
A spoonful of toasted black & white sesame seeds
Fresh turmeric piece (1cm)
50ml Porch tahini dressing*
50g sauerkraut


Boil two eggs for approximately five minutes;, then plunge into ice bath.

Wash one small red living lettuce, cut into quarters. Trim the root section from 1/4 away, leaving the fresh perky leaves (keep the other 3/4 and use it in a sandwich!).

Grate 1/2 a smallish beetroot; 1/2 a green apple and 1/2 a small fennel bulb and mix together. Add a spoonful of quinoa, then set aside.

Cut the tops from a good pinch of snow pea sprouts and set the stalks aside for another salad or meal.

Cut one avocado in half, spoon out the non-seed half and slice it vertically and horizontally making an even dice.

Then add a pinch of chopped parsley, the diced avo and a squeeze of lemon juice into a mixing cup and lightly make a rough salsa or guacamole. (Tip: keep the seed in the other half so it lasts longer.)

Take your serving bowl and make a tight flower shape with your red lettuce leaves and place it in the centre.

Around the edge of the bowl, but tucked underneath the canopy of your lettuce leaf flower (like in the garden), add your lettuce, a ball of beetroot apple fennel mix, a ball of guacamole, your snow pea sprout tops, a fluffy ball of alfalfa, a good lemon cheek, and a small container with the dressing (or just dress the garden before serving).

Peel your soft-boiled eggs, roll in toasted black and white sesame seeds, salt and pepper, with some grated fresh turmeric to top it off. Place the eggs in the garden to complete the dish.