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24.06.24 0259 [PST]

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San Diego


- Our flight was delayed and we had to spend the night in Vancouver


- took an Uber Pool to our Airbnb

- went for lunch at Cochina 35 for some chilequiles

- tried to go to Point Loma but instead ended up at Seaport Village, thanks to a navigational error

- took some scooters for a spin for the first time

- went back to our Airbnb and then went on a self-guided brewery / eating tour...

Home Brew, Juneshine (good alcoholic kombucha), Belching Beaver, City Tacos, Biouvac Cider (vinegary), Sicilian Thing, California Tap Room


- went for breakfast at Trust (very good) and then met the family at Hillcrest Farmer's Market

- bought a few things to eat (nuts, croissants, dates, strawberries) and drink (bubble tea) at the farmer's market

- walked over to the U.S.S. Midway. Chris and I had our tickets, but everyone else did not. They bought some online, but the tickets didn't come through immediately, so they walked over to Seaport Village.

- toured the U.S.S. Midway, and then met the family at Salt and Straw for ice cream (almond brittle and some sort of coffee flavored)

- scootered over to pick up the rental car at the airport

- headed north to Escondido towards Lawrence Welk Resort and stopped at Trader Joe's on the way. Picked up a $7 bottle of rum and some ginger snaps.

- Checked in to Lawrence Welk ("Welcome Home!") and went for a soak in the hot tub


- morning: Went for SUP Yoga at Floating Yogis in Carlsbad

- picked up mom at Starbucks and drove to Torrey Pines State park. We hiked the trails down to Razor Point, Beach Trail, and Yucca Point.

- went for lunch at That Mexican Place. Cheap, but high quality, and big portions.

- back to the Welks and had a hot tub before dinner / drinks at Stone Brewing.


- drove to the San Diego Zoo. The parking lot wasn't very full. Started at the flamingos, moved on to the monkey trail, walked across the treetop bridge and down to the Pandas. The Panda wasn't very active at the time. We went for lunch, checked out the Asian section, and by the time we came back to the Panda she was a lot more active, foraging for bamboo.

we moved on to the new Africa section and saw the penguins, lemurs, a leopard, and more monkeys. Caught up with the group at the elephants.

heard the lions making some loud noises. Walked over to the Polar Bears, who were quite active, swimming and rolling around in the water, doing the backstroke.

walked towards the hippos and saw some very playful Asian Leopards who were chasing each other.

heard another tiger making some noise, which sounded more like a roar than the lions.

took the skytram across the park, and the Kangaroo bus back. Finished off at the Amphibians & Snakes.

- went for dinner at Cucina Urbana. Very nice atmosphere, seated near the wine section.

- had a final hot tub and finished our kombucha drinks. The water was a lot cooler this time.


- drove to La Jolla and checked out the harbor seals. There was a cute baby seal swimming around and poking his head out of the water.

- ran into Melanie and Gaz, but we had to rush to the airport