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24.06.24 0257 [PST]

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Georgia and South Carolina

Saturday, September 15th

- Flew into Savannah. Bought some supplies at World of Beverages, and headed to Bull Street Tacos.

- Checked into the Airbnb, a nice southern style home not too far from downtown Savannah. Gorged on some delicious pralines that the hosts left for us.

- Started to walk towards downtown, noticing all the cool oak trees covered in Spanish moss. It started to rain though, so we heaed back to grab a few umbrellas, and tried again.

- Stopped at the Candler Oak Tree, believed to be over 300 years old.

- Went for cocktails at Artillery. Expensive, but very good cocktails. Really nice ambiance.

- Attempted to go to The Ordinary Pub, but after sitting down, we noticed it had a strange mildew smell. We didn't think we could get over the smell so we decided to go to Treylor Park instead.

It turned out to be a wise decision, and we really enjoyed the food at Treylor. I had chicken tacos with strawberries, wrapped in pancakes. Chris had shrimp and grits. Heather had chicken with nachos, but could only finish about 1/3 of the massive portion.

- Went for ice cream at Leopold's. The guy behind the counter warned me not to have the spicy moccha. "Tastes a bit like cough medicine." But after trying a sample, I decided I wanted to have it anyways.

Eating our ice cream outside one of the girls who worked there came outside and told us her life story.

- Went back to our Airbnb and the girls watched Eventing from the WEG.

Sunday, September 16th

- Went for breakfast at the Collins Quarter. I had a chicken burger, and Chris had avocado toast.

- Walked to the historic district of Savannah, to discover that there really wasn't a historic district. Most of downtown was considered historic and we had been walking around most of it already.

Went into the tourist info office to get a few pointers. We talked to a guy who gave us a few pointers, and then he left, and these 2 other southern ladies who worked there told us not to listen to his advice. And that Princess Anne needed a better beautician.

- Took the trolley down to River Street and went to the River Street candy store. Bought some pralines.

- Hopped on the ferry and took it over to the other side of the river, which gave us a skyline view of Savannah. Not really any tall buildings.

- Took the ferry to the third stop, and disembarked there, Walked around the neighborhood. Saw a black widow nest. Popped into the Bee store.

- Walked down a street that was supposed to have good examples of Savannah architecture. This was where we realized the guy at the tourist info office gave us bad advice.

After walking through a downtrodden area, we headed back to our home and drove to the Back In The Day bakery over in the hipster area. There didn't seem to be much else going on in the neighborhood, but we picked up some good bread.

- Picked up some supplies at Kroger's grocery store. Came back, sat on our porch, and ordered pizza from Green Fired pizza. It was good, but a little dry (could have used more sauce, and cheese).

- Went for a walk through Forsyth Park at night. Still really hot. Checked out the fountain. Admired the homes bordering the park and then came back home to watch an episode of Southern Charm.

Monday, September 17th

- Went for breakfast at the Sentient Bean. Good breakfast sandwiches.

- Packed up our stuff and hit the road. Swung by the SCAD Equestrian Center just outside of town. It was pretty nice.

- Drove out to Botany Bay. Tried to check out Driftwood Beach, but unfortunately the surrounding area was closed due to deer hunters. The live oak tree avenues were nice though.

- So instead we went to Folley Beach and ate our lunch under the one 'tree' providing some shade. Nice beach, with the occasional pelican flying overhead.

- Chris and Heather walked back along the beach down to the pier. Checked out a surf shop and then continued on our way to Charleston.

- Checked into Charleston airbnb and met Fin the dog, who performed a few tricks for us to earn his treats.

- Did a bit of a brewery tour. Palmetto brewery was first (good beers). Next up was the rooftop at Revelery (beers weren't as good).

- Then we went for dinner at Bee & Butcher. Ordered all 10 mezes. The waiter was nice and gave us cookies for dessert, and some croissants for the morning.

- Walked over to Edmund's Oast. Had some tasty macaroni & peas (with curry) - and PB&J beer.

Tuesday, September 18th

- Woke up fairly early and drove to Sullivan's Beach. Had breakfast on the beach, and watched all the dogs out for their morning energy releases.

- Walked up and down the beach for a while, and then drove to Boone's Plantation. The oak tree lane on the drive in was pretty incredible.

We had a tour of the plantation home and learned about it's history from the 1700s to the 1900s.

After the tour we walked around the butterfly shaped garden, and waited for the tractor ride farm tour. The guide on the farm tour was pretty funny, and showed us the various crops they now grow on the plantation.

- Hot and hungry by this point we made our way to X park back in Charleston. We found a nice picnic table under a large tree, one of the few places with some shade.

During lunch, we suddenly noticed a really strange looking furry creature moving around on the picnic table. It almost looked like a caterpillar.

We took some pictures of it, and debated what it might be. Then we noticed there were a few more of them crawling around. Curiousity peaked, I Googled for "furry caterpillar South Carolina". There was no doubt about it, the first few images that popped up made it obvious they were something called Puss Moths.

Reading more about them, it turned out they were venemous, and it was a very painful experience if one latched on to your skin. We left quickly.