Laws are only words words written on paper, words that change on society's whim and are interpreted differently daily by politicians, lawyers, judges, and policemen. Anyone who believes that all laws should always be obeyed would have made a fine slave catcher. Anyone who believes that all laws are applied equally, despite race, religion, or economic status, is a fool. - John J. Miller, And Hope to Die, in Jokertown Shuffle Wild Cards IX

30.05.24 1018 [PST]

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Saturday, August 4th

- Arrived at the hotel at 8:30 AM, after a red eye flight. They let us have a *really* early check in.

- Took the courtesy BMW bikes out for a ride. Biked over to Mike & Patties. There was a line out the door for a very tiny sandwich shop.

Ordered some breakfast sandwiches and took our place on the curbside with everyone else.

It started to rain lightly, so we sat under a tree with our sandwiches. After the sandwiches we biked over to Boston Public Garden.

At this point it started to rain a lot harder. We took shelter under a tree, but to no avail. We were getting drenched, even with our rain gear on.

- We tried to make a break for it, back to our hotel, which wasn't that far away. But it was far enough that my shoes turned into portable puddle stations.

- With the torrential downpour still happening, we decided to take a nap and catch up on our sleep we missed on the red-eye flight.

Chris ordered me some shoes from the front desk, which were delivered on a tray.

- The rain stopped and we walked back to Boston Common and Boston Public Garden.

- Next we made our way to the neighborhood of Beacon Hill, with it's expensive brick homes.

- Walked along Charles Street, bought some wine (named "Kris) and took it back to the hotel and had a glass of it.

- Took the subway towards the South side of Boston and walked across a bridge to Row 34 for dinner. We tried some beer including a Kellerbier. I had a burger with fries and an order of gnocchi. Chris had fish and chips. We were both very full and couldn't finish our meals.

- After dinner we walked to Harpoon Brewery and each tried a different flight of beer. There were more glasses behind the bar than we had ever seen in one place. The bartender claimed they could use them all on a busy night.

Sunday, August 5th

- Had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Good thing it was complimentary, as coffee was $7.00. Chris had eggs benedict while I had a very cheesy omelette.

- We began our journey on the Freedom Trail at Boston Common. The State House was our next stop, with it's gold dome. Saw a few churches, the site of the Boston Massacre, and where Benjamin Franklin went to school.

- Took the ferry over from Boston Harbour to Charlestown Naval Yard. From the roof deck we took in the views of Boston Harbour and the city skyline.

On the other side we sat in some comfortable chairs and debated what we wanted to do next. First we decided to walk around the USS Cassin Young, a U.S. navy destroyer used in 1944 / Pearl Harbor.

After that it was on to the U.S.S. Constitution, aka Old Ironsides, which was recently renovated. This pretty massive wooden ship was nicknamed Old Ironsides after cannonballs fired by the British appeared to bounce right off it's sides.

- Took the ferry back to the mainland and walked to the north end, the Italian section of Boston. There were a lot of people. Put our name in for Carmelina's and headed over to Mike's to buy some cannoli.

- Mike's was packed with people, but the lines moved quickly. We took our mint and chocolate ricottia cannoli and walked over to the Paul Revere house to wait for Carmelina's to call.

- Everything at Carmelina's was amazing, and we half regretted sharing a pasta dish (penne with gorgonzola), knowing that we would be having a pretty early dinner that night.

- Headed back to the hotel and took our wine up to enjoy the rooftop. Unfortunately the rooftop was directly in the sun so it was extremely hot. We had to turn our backs to the view and use our umbrellas to attempt to get some shade.

- For dinner we went to Lolita's. Started with a palette cleanser of grapefruit sherbet. And some tasty chips and salsas. We ordered the chicken quesadillas and cauliflower tacos. To end, there was free cotton candy with poprocks.

- After dinner we headed to Fenway park to watch the Red Sox vs the Yankees. Our seats were in the outfield bleachers. We had a pretty slim chance at catching a home run ball as the longest one ever hit went to 4 rows in front of us. It was a pretty slow game without too much action until the later innings. The Yankees were leading 4-1 in the 9th and Boston managed to come back to tie it up in the 9th and then went onto win it in the 10th.

- Ate our cannoli in the room.

Monday, August 6,

- Had breakfast at the hotel again and then borrowed the bikes. We tried to get an early start since the weather forecast was for 34 degrees.

- Rode along the Charles River Esplanade to Harvard. Walked around and tried to use the app to learn about the building we were looking at. Went to the

[had to stop journal entry, too hot in the airport!]