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23.07.24 1124 [PST]

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Nashville & The Total Eclipse

<<< Friday, August 18th

- Flew into YYZ and found our Airbnb

- Went to Seven Lives for tacos in the Kensington Market. Huge line, but great tacos.

- Bought some picnic supplies (cheese, nuts, bread) to take as a picnic to the Toronto Islands.

- Walked back through graffiti alley and took some pics.

- Met up with Darren at the Wheat Sheaf, the oldest bar in Toronto.

- Walked over to the Thompson Hotel for the pre-wedding get together.

- Tried to go out afterwards but everywhere was busy, so we went to the LCBO and grabbed some beverages including a tasty watermelon beer and went up to the condo. Ordered pizza.

<<< Saturday, August 19th

- Went for some coffees and pastries for breakfast at Strange Brew.

- Went to Brian and Sheryl's, visited for a while, and then headed down to the ferry terminal.

- We just missed the ferry to Ward's Island so we took the one to Centre Island instead.

- Walked around for a bit, through the little amusement park, the gardens, and then over to Ward's Island.

- On Ward's Island we rented some stand up paddle boards and SUPped down the channel between Ward's and Centre Island, with views of the skyline along the way. The water was quiet and we had motivation not to fall in, as it was a little boggy.

- We met Nancy afterwards and took the ferry back with her. Had a picnic on a giant picnic table.

- Went back home to get ready for the wedding. The ceremony was on top of the Thompson Hotel. Great views of downtown and the CN Tower, while we had some cocktails and the weather held steady.

- We moved indoors for the reception. Went through the usual wedding procedure, and danced the night away.

- Woke up and went for breakfast at Beast. Had some very good huevos rancheros.

- Went to try and find the giant Toronto sign. Very hot. Loud, annoying protest nearby.

- Rested up in a nearby park and carryed on to the airport.

- Got stuck on our plane after we landed for nearly an hour.

- Checked into our Nashville Airbnb.

- Went to the Southern Grist Brewery first. Moved on to the Smith and Lentz brewery and tried a few more.

- Then we tried to go for dinner but everywhere had a 2 to 2.5 hour wait.

- Ended up back near Southern Grist again and ate at Roze. Good harissa chicken and risotto.

- After dinner we strolled up to the Grand Ole Opry just as Darius Rucker was finishing up. We recognized his closing song (Rock me baby?).

- Next up was The Sisterhood, Wynona Judd, Riders In The Sky, the guy from the TV show Nashville, and Little Big Town.

- We had great seats and overall the Grand Ole Opry was a fun venue.

<<< Sunday, August 20th

- Went for breakfast at Mitchell's Deli. The guy serving us didn't seem too enthused about his job. Had fun trying to order kombucha and a breakfast bagel. Chris ended up with some sort of bagel creation she had to come up with herself. And it ended up not being on a bagel, as they ran out.

- On to Walmart supercentre where we bought some eclipse suppplies. Walmart was out of lawn chairs so we bought some grey bins instead.

- Made our way to Fontanel Mansion which was having an eclipse viewing party. The temperature in the car showed 94F.

- We set up in the shade and walked around a bit, while we waited for the eclipse.

- Eventually we moved to a slightly different location, away from the noise. The moon inched ever closer to covering the sun.

- With 10 minutes to go before totality, the show began. The sky became a little darker. We had about 2 minutes of totality and it did look pretty amazing. It wasn't completely dark. The moon had a whiteish/pinkish glow around the edge.

- After the eclipse everyone exited, and we drove to Mas Tacos and had some lunch.

- Went home, rested a bit, tired from staring at the sun.

- Drove to Tennessee Brew Works and tried some more beer.

- .