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Those Hollywood Nights

December 8

- Landed at LAX, and picked up our car rental. Chris had flown in from Houston to meet me.

- Drove to the Getty Museum. Took the tram up to the entrance. Noticed there were a lot of people being paid to stand around.

- Went out for dinner to Genwa Korean BBQ. Great meal. Lots of little side dishes. Little BBQ pit in the middle of the table.

- Checked in to our AirBNB stay in Hollywood. Nice little apartment.

- Ran to the TCL Chinese Theater, just in time to catch the very beginning of Interstellar. Huge theater, great sound. comfy seats.

December 9

- Woke up and had breakfast at the Blue Jam Cafe. Chris had huevos rancheros and I had a chicken omelette.

- Drove to Warner Bros to take a studio tour. Sat on the 'Friend's' couch. Saw a lot of Batman memorabilia.

- Went and checked out 'The Joneses' furniture store. Made the mistake of trying to go for a walk in Los Angeles. Ended up at The Milk Jar and bought some delicious cookies and organic milk.

- Briefly took a look at the La Brea Tar Pits. Saw them bubbling. Walked through the Farmer's Market and then bought some chicken at Whole Foods. Stopped by West Elm.

- Back to the apartment, headed out for dinner at Mendocino Farms, a place known for really amazing sandwiches. They were definitely tasty. Also had a really good beer.

- Made our way to the Walt Disney Theater, where we saw a performance of Rachmaninoff. Very interesting looking building. We were right behind and above the orchestra. Met a guy beside us that used to be a conductor himself. Very good pianist played for a few songs. Some guy with the worst camera skills of all time tried to take our picture in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby.

December 10

- Went to the Griddle Cafe for breakfast. The portion sizes were beyond ridiculous. My 'Yellow Brick Road' came with 3 pancakes, each an inch thick, while Chris had peanut butter french toast. Both were surprisingly good, considering the quantity.

- Drove to Universal Studios. Headed straight down to the bottom level, and went on the Transformers ride first. Next we went on The Mummy. And then Jurassic Park, Simpsons, the 'Studio Tour' (with King Kong).

- Headed to Santa Monica for the afternoon. Stopped at Bay Cities Deli. Extremely busy, a very long wait for yet another awesome sandwich.

- Walked up the Third Street promenade, full of annoying buskers and every American clothing chain in the U.S. of A.

- Took a walk down the Santa Monica pier.

- Back to our room for a bit, and then went back to Universal Studios at night, to witness 'Grinchmas'. Wanted to see the fake snowfall but we were standing in the wrong place. Watched the tree lighting, and then went on the Despicable Me ride. And then Transformers again.

- Bought some pizza at Bossanova at the end of our street, and took it back to our room.

December 11

- Woke up at 3:45 AM to catch our flight home.