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23.07.24 1223 [PST]

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Colorado Is Calling

Fri Oct 10

- Flew into Denver (DEN). Picked up the car rental. Got an 'upgrade'.

- Picked up some snacks at Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods, along the way. Jeff bought a pecan pie.

- Drove to the Mystic Portal AirBNB and met Marianne. It was a pretty interesting house, with a *lot* of things to look at.

- Jeff ordered us an Uber car to go to dinner. Or he thought he did. And then he thought he didn't. There was an issue with the app. And just as we had decided that it had failed, the Uber van showed up.

- Went to dinner at Shuga's. Good cocktails. Good food. Chris had the 'cafeteria tray', and I had a chicken sandwich. Kokanee was listed as the 'crappy beer' of the day.

- Walked down the street to a brewery, 'Phantom Canyon'. We wanted to try their chili ale, but they had run out that morning. Had some pretzels.

- Went home and ate some pecan pie for dessert.

Sat Oct 11

- woke up for breakfast at our B&B which our hosts were preparing for us. They seemed a little scattered in their preparations but eventually we all ate omelets, bacon, hashbrowns and toast for breakfast.

- Headed out and made our way to Garden of the Gods. After finding a parking spot we walked up around a small loops with some views of rocks.

- Ended up hiking a much bigger loop of almost the entire park, Along the way we saw the kissing camels,spires, the siamese twins and the balancing rock (which was crowded with people).

- After spending most of the day there, we went back to the B&B to freshen up. Then we went for dinner at El Super Taco. I had a burrito and Chris had enchiladas. From there we went to Manitou Springs. Went and had a drink at the bwerery and then played some games at the Penny Arcade. Believe it or not there were actually games you could play for a penny. Ome of them predicted that I was going to be a Movie Star and that Chris was going to be a Love Pirate.

- And then stopped at Wendy's on the way back to our B&B where we relaxed in the hot tub for a bit. Jeff got to know our hosts better as he stayed up until 3am chatting with them while the rest of us went to bed.

Sun Oct 12

- Packed up and headed to breakfast at Urban Steam for some waffles. Chris had some sort of blue cornmeal waffle with Mexican toppings. It was a bit cold and they forgot both of our drinks. My waffles were pretty good. Apparently.

- Went downtown to the Ola Juice Bar and had a smoothie. Chris had 'Jessicas' which had banana, avocado, dates, and berries. I can't remember what I had.

- Walked around downtown for a bit. Jeff bought some souvenirs for Aiofe.

- Went to the outlet stores, bought a white bowl. It was raining. Wasn't that exciting.

- Chris dropped everyone off at another mall while taking Jeff to the airport to catch his flight. Which turned out to be unnecessary as he was delayed by 5 hours!

- Went for dinner at Coloradough. Pretty tasty pizza.

- Had a drink at the airport.