Today I got to meet someone who had put their disk, naked, in a backpack, with a LIVE CAT. The cat had mauled the metal cover, managed to separate the plastic shell of the disk, and played with it. Of course, she wanted to know if we could recover her files. Fortunately, someone who was not required by their job to be really friendly to the lusers got to laugh loudly at her first... - Yonatan Zunger

20.05.22 1434 [PST]

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Sacsayhuaman (Passion Fruit & Habanero Vodka)

Make simple syrup (1/2 cup of sugar + 1/2 cup water, heat until dissolved) Mix with equal parts passion fruit juice and the syrup. In the shaker, combine 2 shots of habanero infused vodka with 4 shots of the passion fruit/sugar mixture. Shake with ice. Serve in glasses rimmed with sugar. To make habanero infused vodka ------------------------------- Soak 4 habanero peppers in vodka for one week.