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24.06.24 0315 [PST]

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Yoho Park (Takkakaw Falls)

Friday July 19

- Headed to Kicking Horse Campground. Steve and Hoa already had a site for us (#13), as they had driven up on Thursday after work. They had to spend the first night in the overflow (Monarch) and were lucky to get a site the next morning.

- Drove to Wapta Falls, and ended up on a rocky service road, as we blindly followed the GPS. We saw a unique view of the falls though, and some pretty cool camping spots. It ended up costing us some patched tire work in the end though. We turned around, headed back to the highway, and found the entrance we were looking for.

- From the trailhead we hiked a few kilometres to Wapta Falls. It was starting to rain a bit, but the falls were worth it.

- Came back and had dinner (Steve & Hoa cooked us chicken and salmon, along with some potatoes and kale salad).

- Had a fire, a few drinks, some s'mores, and blew up our failing air mattress.

Saturday July 20

- Had sour cream and peach pancakes for breakfast. I headed into Field to get some air for our tire, but the only service station in town didn't have any, so I drove to Lake Louise.

- Came back, and piled into Steve & Hoa's vehicle to get to the Takkakaw Falls parking lot to begin our 19km hike, called Iceline Trail.

- The hike started with some switchbacks into the trees, with views of the impressive Takkakaw Falls most of the way. As we neared the top, above the tree-line, we could start to see the Emerald Glacier.

- From there the walk was mostly level, with several stream crossings, waterfalls, and impressive near-panoramic views along the way.

- At one point we passed a giant rock that a glacier had left behind. I propped Chris up onto it to take her picture.

- Here at the top we stopped for lunch, took a right at the Celeste Lake junction, and then headed back down into the forest. In the forest we ran across Celeste Lake, which was a nice emerald color.

- From there we continued on to Laughing Falls which were pretty impressive as well. Ran into a hiker with a leg injury, who was moving quite slowly.

- The end of the hike passed by Takkakaw Falls, for a fairly closeup view.

- Went back to the camp site, weary from our hike, and Chris and I started making dinner. Tonight we would be making pasta with sundried tomato pesto and goat cheese, with caesar salad, and some foccacia bread. Overall I'd say we were eating pretty well on this camping trip!

- After dinner we played Ingenious, and Chris won, with a perfect score.

- Had a fire, but we were all too full to try my crescent rolls on a stick. Next time!

- The girls headed to bed, while Steve and I stayed up for a bit, tending to the fire, which was now just billowing smoke for the most part.

Sunday July 21

- Had another delicious breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and french toast. Steve and Hoa headed back to Calgary, while Chris and I decided what to do with the rest of our day. We had hoped to do another hike, but with a slowly deflating tire, we decided it was probably best to head home.

- On the way back we stopped at the Spiral Tunnels. Waited about 40 minutes for a train to arrive.

- Then we stopped in Banff and walked down to Bow Falls. On the way back, we checked out Cascade Gardens, which I had never seen before.

- Walked around Banff a bit and then headed home to get our tire patched at Canadian Tire.