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2010 Olympic Winter Games
February 23, 2010

When it comes to the Olympics, you need to plan well in advance, which we had done. We had our tickets well over 6 months prior, but had to sell a few of them on eBay that were too far apart in terms of dates from our other events.

We booked the flight using air miles, and a friend's parents offered to house us for a few nights, so it all worked out pretty well.

Tuesday, February 23rd

- Arrived at YVR
- Picked up by Heather + Sean

- Headed to West Vancouver and settled in. We tried to go up Grouse Mountain for a quick pint, but the lift to the top of the mountain was $47. Seemed expensive for a beer.

- Went to a restaurant/pub and had some unnotable food.

Wednesday, February 24th

- Woke up, went into downtown Vancouver, and stared in amazement at the long lines at the Bay. People were lining up for hours for the chance to buy Olympic apparel.

- Went for lunch at Finch's. CB had brie and grape, while I had pear, prosciutto and cheese. Definitely a different kind of sandwich but really good!

- Walked around Gastown

- Visited the Olympic Cauldron. Decided not to stand in line for hours for the chance to view it 'behind the fence'.

- Walked through Robson Square and saw the zip line. Apparently the lineup was 6 hours, for 3 seconds of thrills.

- Got dropped off near the Pacific Coliseum, walked a long ways, and went through security. We got our picture with the mascots and a mini version of the mascot (a kid wearing a mascot costume that his mom forced him to wear).

- Headed to our seats and watched the short track speed skating, which involved the qualifying for the men's 1000m and women's 500m. The women's relay was next, Korea thought they won but were disqualified, so it ended up with China winning.

- Waited in line for the bus with a giant mass of people. Went to Vij's (a great Indian restaurant) to try and get in but it was full, so we ate at Rangoli instead (their sister restaurant next door). CB had portobello mushrooms and red pepper curry on paneer. I had chicken-something. Both were really good.

Thursday, February 25th

- Took the bus downtown (after finally finding it) and went to Nuba for some Lebanese food. We had chicken shish taouk and a veggie sandwich. Probably the 2nd best meal of our trip.

- Took the bus to Simon Fraser University and then on to Cypress Mountain. Another lonnnnng line, and more security. We stood in our 'standing room only' spots for 2 hours and watched the men's aerial training runs. Also on the big screen we watched the women's hockey teem win gold.

- Then the aerial's competition started. Canada started strong, well at least of the 1 of the 3 competitors did, moving into first place after jump #1.

- But the American and Belarus jumpers took some bigger risks in jump #2 which paid off. Canada ended up in 5th.

- Got in another long line for the bus to Lonsdale Quay. Sean picked us up and took us home. Tried to have a BBQ but ended up ordering pizza.

Friday, February 26th

- Woke up, headed downtown and had our picture taken with the Olympic torch.

- Huge line for the Canadian mint.

- Had lunch at La Taqueria, a few small tacos. Didn't seem like anything special.

- Walked around, watched some curling on the TVs set up on the street. Caught our bus to the Pacific Coliseum again, we were veteran's now.

- Our seats weren't as good this time, higher up, but plenty of excitement to be had. 1 gold medal in the 500m men's final, a bronze, and then another gold medal for Canada in a thrilling men's relay final. Definitely the highlight of the Olympics for us, for sure!

- Watched the victory ceremony from down below and bolted for the exit as soon as it was over so we didn't have to wait in the mass of humanity for the bus. It was painless getting on this time. - Downtown, we found Japadog and waited in a 20 minute line for a famouse Japanese hot dog, and they were tasty. Veggie terimayo and beef tarimayo were our choice

- Walked to Yaletown, too late to get into Live City, but stood outside and watched the fireworks.

Saturday, February 27th

- Lazed around and watched the Olympics on TV.

- Had an early dinner at La Bodega (tapas). We met Heather's sister there, and Sean's brother.

- Went to the O-Zone in Richmond. Walked around, there was a 3 hour wait for the virtual bobsled. Lines were the order of the day at the Olympics. Ended up walking around a really, really, terrible art gallery exhibit.

- We were hoping to watch the Tokyo Police Club, but somehow our wires were crossed and we were at the wrong revenue, so we watched the Dudes instead.

- Also wanted to check out the Heineken House but the line was, again, ridiculous, if you weren't Dutch.

Sunday, February 28th

- Flew home just in time to watch Canada win the Olympic gold in men's hockey. Sidney Crosby literally brought the entire nation to their feet, a great way to cap off the games.