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Jeff's Vegetarian Lasagna

This recipe comes from my friend Jeff, and has taught me that lasagna doesn't need meat to be delicious!

Yields: A lot. Easily enough for 12.

This will make approx. 12 large squares for a 12"x16" baking dish (about 3.5" deep)... you have to experiment with the sizes as I don't really measure whenever I cook. Let me know how it turns out.

Mandatory Ingredients:

- 700mL tomato sauce (regular)
- 700mL tomato sauce (classico brand - your choice of any flavour without meat)
- 2 medium sized gala apples (diced small)
- 1 large onion (chopped however you want but not too big)
- 2 large tomatoes (cut up in large pieces)
- baby spinach
- sour cream
- cooking oil
- green pesto
- 1 large bag of shredded montery jack cheese
- 2 packages of fresh ready-to-cook Olivieri lasagna (might have extra left over)

Optional ingredients:

- salt & pepper to taste
- oregano
- Firm tofu (if you don't have apples. I find apples taste better though)
- Sun dried tomatoes (dump in the sauce if you want)


- In a large pot heat up cooking oil and saute chopped up onion
- Dump in all the tomato sauce when onions are brown
- Add apples and tomatoes and stir evenly
- Add salt & pepper to taste and oregano or any other herb you want
- Cover and let it simmer until apples are soft (approx 10-15min). Stir once in a while so sauce won't burn.
- While waiting mix in a bowl about 5-6 heaping spoons of sour cream and green pesto to make a paste for use later.
- Add in baby spinach do not stir at first. Cover for a few min. to let spinach wilt before stirring again.


- Layer1 = spread a bit of sauce in the pan (so first layer of pasta won't stick)
- Layer2 = pasta
- Layer3 = sauce + shredded montery jack
- Layer4 = pasta
- Layer5 = Sour cream mix + shredded montery jack
- Layer6 = pasta
- Layer7 = sauce + shredded montery jack


- Losely cover with tin foil (ensure it is not touching the cheese)
- Bake in 375F until all cheese is melted and is turning a bit brown
- Let cool for 10-15min before serving.


- Great for large dinner parties
- Impress the ladies
- Invite Jeff for leftovers