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How Do I Get An Account On ÜberNet?
July 06, 2005

First, let me explain a few things about ÜberNet. It's taken on a life of it's own, with some amazing people behind the scenes, developing scripts, applications, and putting many hours into making it all happen.

The forums were once public, but the decision was made to make them private. I think this is what has contributed to people feeling left on the outside looking in.

Whatever you may feel, don't let this be a barrier to you joining this amazing community. I truly believe it's the finest audio community on the 'net, with some brilliant minds, great spirit, and of course the music. Oh, the music.

I know the rules can seem trivial and Draconian, but that's what sets ÜberNet apart from the rest. You will not find quality like this anywhere else.

Like I said, ÜberNet has a life of it's own now, and while I appreciate the endless bribes, e-mails, first-born children, etc, I honestly don't even process the applications myself anymore. There's a team that does this now, and they are working as fast as they can to process them quickly.

So head on over to ÜberStandard and check out the guide. If you know someone that's on ÜberNet already that can vouch for you, be sure to mention it.

Anyone who's interested in high quality music deserves to be in the group, and I really hope to see you on there.

- Chris