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Barcelona, Spain
June 10, 2003

It ws a good 7 hour drive from France to Barcelona which tired us out, but after a good night's rest we were ready to explore the city.

Our campsite was just outside Barcelona and sits on the beautiful sandy beach of the Mediterranean. Quite frankly I would be content to stay here for the next 3 weeks.

There weren't many noteable sites I wanted to check out, other than the '92 Olympic Stadium and a church designed by Gaudi which has been in development for the past 200 years or so.

I mainly just hung around the Barcelona marina watching the lovely Spanish girls. A bunch of us wanted to check out Spanish bullfighting, and luckily for us we were in Barcelona on a Sunday which is the one day of the week they stage them.

I was unaware until recently that they actually kill the bull during bullfighting by plunging swords and knives into it's head and back.

Obviously this upsets animal rights activists, but to the Spanish it's a wonderful display of artistic expression, like a ballet. One of the matadors had some revenge thrust upon him by one of the bulls and got absolutely rocked.

Later on that night we went to a pub called 'The Black Sheep' which served cheap drinks. I ordered a jug of Sangria, a great tasting drinking that can sneak up on you if you're not careful.

One of the locals asked me if I was drinking wine but it took us a while to figure that out, with the language barrier and all. Somehow you're willing to make that sacrifice when the problem involves a beautiful Spanish girl.

At The Black Sheep I also met a couple girls from Montreal who were bumming around Spain for a month. We took off to a place called 'Tequila's' in the Mary Magnan area of Barcelona, which is down by the marina.

From that point my recollection is a little hazy, but I will definitely have fond memories of Barcelona.