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The Beaujolais Wine Region
June 08, 2003

A trip to France would not be complete without a little wine tasting. Im not a big wine drinker so it all really tastes the same to me, but apparently Beaujolais wine is excellent.

After the tasting we hiked for about an hour up a steep hill to the Top Of The World summit. The view of the surrounding region was spectacular and there were vineyards as far as the eye could see.

Its hard to imagine that Beaujolais is one of the smallest wine regions in France, as it still produces over 140 million litres of wine per year. During the hike back we tried to take a shortcut and of course we ended up getting lost. At first it was difficult to find someone who spoke English (or was willing to) but eventually we found someone who pointed us in the right direction.

Back at the Beaujolais Chateau we were allowed to hangout and use the pool. After a day of wine, hiking, swimming, and sun, we made our way downtown to a hotel.

With the wine flowing we of course had to keep things rolling so we stopped into a pub. The pub was an Australian pub, or at least tried to be.

Apparently I came all the way to France to go to an Aussie pub. It was just a starter though and we stumbled our way towards a former Satanic pub, now converted into a pub efor everyone to enjoy (much of the decor was kept)

There we met a girl named Stefanie, a local, who offered to drive us to a nightclub. This girl was a ball of energy, I'm not sure what she was on but it had to be good.

Seemingly possessed (perhaps the satanic pub got to her) she drove like mad through the narrow streets, occasionally watching where she was going.

She had a thick French accent but we managed to understand most of her frantic banter. She also knew pretty much everyone at the club an got us in sans cover and a free drink to boot.

The nightclub was decent, although it seemed a little dead for a Friday night. Mind you it was a smaller city, which won't be the case tomorrow as we head to Barcelona, Spain.

Apparently the clubs don't get going until about midnight in Europe and stay open until 5 A.M. Considering we were departing at 6:30 A.M. it made for a very short night's sleep.