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The White Cliffs Of Dover
June 02, 2003

Today we departed from London and drove to Dover where we caught a ferry to bring us one step closer to Paris.

The white cliffs of Dover were as spectacular as white cliffs can be I suppose. The ferry crossing took about 90 minutes and from there it was another 3-4 hours to Paris.

In my mind, paris has been hyped up to the point where I figured I was bound to be dissapointed. I had heard so much about the beauty, the grandness, the women, the culture, and the sophistication that I thought it could never be as amazing as it had been described.

Well let me tell you, Paris is even more incredible than I had imagined. The place is like one magnificent oil painting everywhere you look and around every corner there is another unbelievably grandiose piece of architecture waiting to be discovered.

So far we´ve only seen Paris via a bus tour, but tomorrow we are setting out to explore the city in detail.