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The Germans Are Coming! ÜberNet Article Writeup From German Magazine
October 21, 2002

You know you've made it when the Germans start writing things about you. M³, which is a 'magazine for music maniacs has written a piece on ÜberNet.

The article, which has been posted in German, can be found here.

I really have no idea what it's saying, but I'm about to go Babelfish it.

Click here for my loose English translation using Babelfish

The country needs new standards

Uber/Node - No, that is not a new Knaeckebrot variant, but rather the idea of introducing new quality standards to the range of the Peer to Peer sharings. One knows from the own experience - You finally found an album and then it is either not complete it, the files has errors, or it is a lower bit rate than you wanted.

It is exactly these kinds problems that the people behind Uber/Node, want to fix - even if the rules necessarily connected with them are very strict. These rules are also explained directly on the title page. However the principle that one helps to beginners to reach the standards exists to lock out instead of it. Thus this system gives itself despite the high requirements in-riser-friendly - not least by the UberGuide, which advances the beginner to the standards, in order to exist the necessary photograph test.

What want you then?

Also it is embodied in the set of rules that rules can be changed for the majority the Uber/Node user when desired. Such a change found obviously already once instead of, since already in version 2.0 presents itself the projection pool of broadcasting corporations. The operators speak of a successful concept, since the Community grows according to their data rapidly.

So that also looking for the necessary software does not degenerate into reaching set expectations into the work, the operators of the side arranged the necessary Tools in their own section.

Join Me

In order to get entrance to the UberNet, one must exist a test and select one of the four contact contacts. Either over recommendation of someone, which is already member with Uber/Node, with an essay (in approximately 500 words), why one at this net sharings would like, a donation via PayPal, or by getting oneself Web space of the Hoster of the Uber/Node side. That must take place over the Referrer offerers of Uber/Net, since thereby the running costs are lowered, further details at it gives it here.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect is the Tool, which is used by Uuber/node, in order to connect to the P2P-Netz. How this program looks, one can recognize by the attached screen SHOT. Available is the Tool less well-known with us here.

Then one is ready for the test actually. If one does not exist control of its offer, one is not left simple in the pass, but contacted by the tester, in order to get communicated, that one failed - after this the test procedure begins when desired from new one. If one exists the test, one gets an account and the password communicated and participates also.


The idea behind Uber/Node sounds much-speaking, finally an exchange offer, where Lo-quality and MP3s of the past broken belong. How well convertible this is however, Uber/Node must during operation prove, - according to data of the offerer - over a Terabyte albums and fast growing user number most likely ausuferndes a venture.

Written By: CharNode