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How To Use The 'Various Artists' Option In EAC
October 20, 2002

The 'various artists' capability of EAC is pretty cool. It allows you to keep your filenames consistent, while still keeping the correct artist name in your ID3 tags.

A lot of people, myself included, never bothered to use it properly, but for UberNet it is required.

Put the CD in your drive (likely a soundtrack or some sort of compilation)

Open EAC.

Hit Alt-G to download the track info from FreeDB.

EAC -> EAC Options -> Filename

Put a checkmark beside Use various artist naming scheme

In the field below (the one on the right), enter:

%C - %N - %A - %T

Click OK.

Database -> Edit CD Information

Make sure there is a checkmark beside Various Artists

For your CD Title enter in:

Movie Title (OST) if it is a movie soundtrack. Spiderman (OST) for example.

If it is a compilation, enter in Dance Hits Volume 3 or whatever. You get the idea.

Click OK.

Now here's an important part. Your track titles MUST be named like this:

Artist / Track Title

For example:

The Smashing Pumpkins / Ava Adore

If FreeDB has them backwards, use the database -> transform actual cd information -> exchange artist/title function to reverse them.

Now when you encode your MP3s they will show up like this:


Big Shiny Tunes Volume 3 - 01 - The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore.mp3

But your MP3s will have the correct artist label, song title, and album.