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ÜberNet Starts Receiving The Attention It Deserves
September 29, 2002

Last week, ZeroPaid asked if I would write an article on creating high quality MP3s.

Since ZeroPaid is the largest peer-to-peer news site on the Internet I would have been a fool not to oblige.

The article was titled The Quintessential Guide To Creating The Highest Quality MP3s On Earth, and will have a permanent home in their 'Guides' section.

ZeroPaid has posted approximately 1700 articles since their inception, and my contribution is already in the Top 60 in terms of 'feedback comments' received, so at least people are listening.

Most of the reaction was positive, a few people thought I was perched a little too high on my throne, but either way it was nice to read other's thoughts.

ÜberNet has also been mentioned in a few other circles lately.

ZeroPaid Article Comments:

Wow, amazing info there, now if only people would actually take your advice, no more crappy MP3's ruining everyone's fun!

lame. the best. hahahahah.. hohohohoh Funny. Self proclaimed expert.

holy crap! that was awesome! im reripping all my local music cds for resharing.... thanks for the info, and the sarcasm!

now this is EXCELLANT. i would appreciate more news stories like this that actualy teach you something and further our cause.

The author's "self-appointed expert" tone is very off-putting. "Trust me," he says. Actually, I am skeptical when anyone who claims that you can throw away 80% of the data in a WAV and have the resulting compressed file sound indistinguishable from its mother, no matter what compression scheme is used. I encode with LAME at 320kbps, but even that slightly dulls the sound compared to the original CD track. However, the EAC software sounds (in theory) tremendous. I'll have to try that and see if the rips, done according to the author's standards, really do sound better. There is the proof. I trust my ears. As for the new trading network, what's the selection like? Is it Uber-licious?

the 'better than thow' tone the author used was hard to get used to. at least the article backed it up with some great information. i can't wait to get home & try it out.

waht an incredible tool this guy is. obsessive compulsive, anyone?

cmyden: Don't mind those idiots yelling at you. That's normal here on Zeropaid. AIN'T THAT SO, MONGOLOIDS??? FIRST POST MOTHERF#$@ERRR!!!!!!! KAZAAAA REWLS, K???

EXCELLENT article! Very informative, one of the best I've seen on ZP. Well done.

excellent article. i learned a lot of things i did not know before. Thanks for the info!

this article should be saved as a permament page somewhere on zeropaid for future referance. I have never seen so much valuble filesharing information crammed into such a small space. This deserves some award.

Way, Way, Way! too complicated. And I've got a computing degree. Is Ubernet for people who appreciate high fidelity music or people that like negotiating their way around endless configuration options?

CDFreaks Comments: also posted an article about ÜberNet on their website.

It's a good idea, but with too many restrictions & banning, the most likely results that will be returned; especially for rare songs will be: No Matches Found.

Why AOL users are not allowed on ÜberNet...

Hahaha! I can't believe this guy got posted on CD Freaks. I know this guy, and he's a real ass. Ubernetwork? More like UberNazi. The restrictions are rediculous and if you try to talk to this guy about quality, he won't listen to reason. He thinks he's always right. "A place where all albums existed in their entirety?" I read this to mean all the albums of the world, but what it really means is the few hundred albums on this small network that are available...

i fell asleep reading all those rules sure on kazza and winmx etc its hard to get whole albums of great quality, but if you like the album so much you want top quality go buy the CD!!

I've been in this group for a week now, and I must say: The quality is excellent. Far better than the average kazaa/winmx etc mp3. And it's quite simple. If you don't like the rules, don't sign up for it. Nice to see group who wants to set a quality standard in mp3

From someone who was banned I assume... :)

This guy is an asshole.. his project is doomed to failure.