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Bring Your Scratched CDs Back To Life
October 01, 2002

No need to be ashamed, we've all abused CDs. You take them for granted, thinking they will always play flawlessly for you, until one day they don't.

Many members of this site have been raving about a product called Skip Doctor that can heal their discs back to pristine health.

They all claim it works wonders, and they've yet to encounter a scratched CD it couldn't handle.

Therefore, the Skip Doctor receives the Myden stamp of approval, and I highly recommend you CD abusers out there give it a go.

To operate the Skip Dr. Disc Repair Device, you first open the tray. When opened, you place the CD on the tray and push until you hear a “click” and the CD is placed securely.

Then, with the liquid spray that comes packaged with the device, spray the disc only once and close the tray. Then begin rotating the “reel-like” handle until it has rotated all the way around. Usually the tray will pop open automatically after making a full rotation.

Comments from people I know use this thing religiously:

"I'd say 80% of CD's require 1 treatment (which comprises of one clockwise and one counter clockwise pass). The rest may need up to 4, but it depends on the CD. You will notice that EAC gets further and further into the CD with each treatment."

Re: my question "Has it been able to fix every CD?"

There was one... that didn't have scratches... but ALWAYS had sync errors... like a bad pressing or something. But other than that, each and every CD has been do-able. Some require more passes that others.. but it works."


"Don't buy new fluid, use water."

"Remove and wash the wheel every 5 CD's or so, or else plastic will build up and make the surface of the wheel less abrassive."

"If you can 'see' the trouble spot, you can have the Skip Dr. go back and forth on just that one spot to save time."

"It comes in various packaging... Game Dr., DVD Dr., Data Dr. and Skip Dr... they are all the same thing. The only different one is the Dreamcast model."


Skip Doctor

Game Doctor

DVD Doctor

Data Doctor