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ÜberNet Reaches First Milestone - 1 Terabyte Of MP3s
September 29, 2002

1 Terabyte = 1000 gigabytes = ~180,000 MP3s = ~ 14,000 hours worth of music.

Even just a few weeks ago, 1 Terabyte seemed a long ways off for ÜberNet. But the pace has been accelerating quickly, with more and more UberTest submissions being processed every day.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about it is the fact that you'll ONLY find complete albums on Übernet, all ripped perfectly with EAC, and encoded with the highest quality MP3 encoder, LAME 3.92.

Another interesting aspect is the diversity of the ÜberNet community. Unlike most P2P communities which seem to drift toward's America's Top 40, ÜberNet has everything from Swedish Punk to Brazilian Jazz. There are members from at least 30 different countries!

Now that the Terabyte marker has come and gone, ÜberNet is looking for more potential members to follow the ÜberGuide and join the race towards a Petabyte.