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Analyzing The DNA Of Your MP3s
August 27, 2002

So you've downloaded some MP3s and you want to know how good the quality is, but going through each one individually can be a hassle. Your problem is solved with a free piece of software called EncSpot by Guerillasoft.

EncSpot can tell you what encoder was used, the bitrate, whether or not the song appears to be complete, and gives a quality index rating.

It is an awesome utility, and it can quickly show you the quality of your MP3s directories at a time. Use it to delete all those Xing 128 MP3s from your hard drive! ;)

Many people have been asking how to tell whether or not an MP3 was encoded with LAME's alt preset standard switch.

You can't tell directly, but by using EncSpot you can identify certain characteristics that all LAME alt preset standard MP3s have.

--alt-preset extreme and --alt-preset standard MP3s exhibit the following characteristics in EncSpot:

Quality 78

VBR Method: vbr-old or vbr-rh or sometimes vbr-mtrh

Lowpass Filter: 19500 (APX) 19000 (APS)

Psycho-acoustic Model npsytune

Safe Joint Stereo: yes

Minimum Bitrate: 128

Noise Shaping 2

Stereo Mode: Joint Stereo

Unwise Settings: no

Input Frequency: 44.1 kHz

To differentiate between standard and extreme:

Lowpass Filter: 19000 (standard) / 19500 (extreme)

ATH Type: 2 (standard) / 4 (extreme)