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Canada's National Pride Restored - Red, White & Gold Baby!
February 25, 2002

If you're not a Canadian, it might be hard to relate to the passion we feel for the sport of hockey. The best way I can relate it to the rest of the world, is the love many of you have for soccer. To us, the Olympic Gold is akin to winning the World Cup.

I almost thought I was going to miss the game, as I was heading back on a flight from Mexico at the time (Yeah I know, life is rough). By a twist of fate however, I had a 3 hour layover in San Francisco which allowed me to watch the final two periods of the game.

The airport lounge was packed with hockey fans, including a semi-pro hockey team from Canada who were having a great time drinking beer (what else) and poking fun at the Americans.

Americans are the best at many many sports, so let us enjoy our supreme reign of authority in the game that swims in our blood. We're an insecure little nation that needs these little ego boosts every once in a while.

Where were you for the gold medal game? I'd love to hear your comments.