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ASPI Upgrade
November 20, 2001

Since this page gets viewed so often, (in fact it's the most read article on my website), I've decided it would be best if I updated it to reflect the current happenings in the ASPI world!

What are ASPI drivers?

ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programmer's Interface) is a layer of software which manages communication between all kinds of software and your peripheral devices. For CD recording software to function well with CD recorders (including ATAPI / IDE recorders!), it is important that the ASPI layer be up to date.

How Do I Check For The Version of ASPI That I'm Running?

Download ASPICHK.EXE by clicking here and then excecute it.

Please note, that if you are running the latest version of ASPI, which is 4.70, ASPIchk will not report correctly. You will want to use the ASPIchk included with the ASPI 4.70 package from Adaptec.

How Do Install New ASPI Drivers?

Adaptec USED to have proprietary rights to the ASPI drivers, but as of version 4.70 you can now download the latest version from Adaptec without having any adaptec components installed.

Click here to download ASPI 4.70 from Adaptec

However, if you have problems installing this package for some reason, you can also use ForceASPI.

To download ForceASPI 1.7 click here

Either ASPI package, when installed properly, should fix any ASPI related problems you're having!