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Indicators to Watch

Daily Stats
Comprehensive stats, compiled on a daily basis.

Bob's Daily Stats
More stats.

Absorption Rate By Price Range
Bob Truman was the first to post this stat, one that I find pretty interesting.

The Plunge-o-Meter
Interesting stats page, calculates how long it should take for prices to resume normal levels.

S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index
There appears to be a correlation between this index and Calgary home prices, with about a year lag.

Live Crude Oil Price Chart
Let's face it, with the price of oil, so goes Calgary's real estate.

Natural Gas Futures
Natural gas actually plays a bigger role in our economy than oil.

Rig Counts
Weekly rig count numbers for Western Canada.

House Price Index
Canada finally has a Case-Schiller index of it's own. Google 'Case Schiller' to learn more. Unfortunately there's a 2 month delay for data.

Foreclosures In Calgary
Weekly tally of how many people have lost their homes.

New Housing Price Index
Exactly what it sounds like.

10 Year Treasury Notes
For an idea of where mortgage rates in Canada are headed, watch the U.S. Treasury Notes. Why? Because this is how it always plays out:
U.S. T-Notes <- Bank Of Canada bonds follow <- Canadian mortgage rates follow

Foreclosure Rate In Alberta
How many are losing their homes?


Bob Truman's Blog
Also quite unbiased, with mostly intelligent posts made in the comment sections.

Calgary Real Estate Review
Interesting posts.

Greater Fool
Offers the 'chicken little sky is falling' perspective from Garth Turner

Alberta Bubble
Analysis of the real estate bubble in Alberta

Edmonton Housing Bust
Yeah, yeah, I know. Edmonton, booooo. Pretty relevant though.

America/Canada Blog
New one that I found.

Canadian Mortgage Trends
Keep up to date on what's being offered.


Real Estate @
About the only active forum on the web regarding real estate in Calgary.

Real Estate @ CalgaryPuck
CalgaryPuck has a few threads regarding real estate in the city.

Real Estate @ RedFlagDeals
'The Official Mortgage Rates Thread' is a good one.

The 'Media'

News Articles from Google
Take them for what they're worth. The media always needs an angle to make the story exciting.

Looking For Properties

Search Properties With Google Maps
I swear I'm not in love with Andrew Kyle, but I'll be damned if anyone offers a better real estate site in Cowtown.

The Old MLS
For those who don't like the new and all it's headaches.

Being Alerted to New Properties
Lots of realtors offer this, but I've found Kevin does it best, offering the most data, and you can specify update criteria

Rental Properties @ RentFaster
$1500 or less, inner city, 2 bedrooms or more, townhouses, duplexes, houses, and lofts.

Finding the Median Rental Price
A search for all SFHs for rent in Calgary. Go to the middle page to see what the median is.

Rentspot: Hillhurst - West Hillhurst - Rosedale - Crescent Heights - Sunnyside - Renfrew

HomeRent: Inner city rentals, in the communities we like

Kijiji - Craigslist

City of Calgary Assessment
Find out how much your dream house is worth...relative to other houses.


The Old MLS

Calgary Crime Map
Scout out your dream neighborhood to make sure criminals don't love it as well.

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator

Home Insight
Can show you how much other houses in your neighborhood sold for.

Calgary Health Region
Use the search function to make sure your house didn't have dead bodies in it.

Calgary School Rankings