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Another Software Choice For Burning Really, Really Long Filenames
April 29, 2003

Many of you who saw my article Burning Software That Supports Really, Really, Long Filenames - Does It Exist? wrote in to tell me about an alternative to Sony CD Extreme, which doesn't always work well for everyone.

It's called BurnAtOnce and it's free! It supports ISO9660:1999 which allows for filenames up to 207 characters in length.

Download, install, open, click on "Mastering", "Data CD", "ISO Settings", put a checkmark beside:

- ISO9660:1999
- Joliet Names
- Long Joliet Names
- Rock Ridge

Burn away, filenames can be up to 193 characters in length.

So for those of you looking to preserve the long filenames of your MP3s, give BurnAtOnce a look.